Where are Assa Abloy products made?

Stockholm, Sweden
Assa Abloy

Type Publicly traded Aktiebolag
Industry Manufacturing and services
Founded 1994
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Key people Lars Renström (Chairman), Nico Delvaux (President and CEO)

What companies do Assa Abloy own?

Our Brands

  • ASSA ABLOY Architectural Door Accessories. ASSA ABLOY Architectural Door Accessories offers stylish and durable hardware products for commercial-grade door openings.
  • ASSA ABLOY Electronic Security Hardware.
  • Alarm Controls.
  • BARON.

Where is Assa Abloy headquarters?

Assa Abloy/Headquarters

Where are Abloy locks made?

Abloy is a Finnish lock manufacturer that produces medium and high security padlocks, lock cylinders, and electronic locks. Abloy is one of the most well-known high-security lock manufacturers around the world….

Headquarters Finland
Founded 1907
Founder(s) Emil Henriksson

Is Yale owned by Assa Abloy?

Yale is one of fifteen brands represented by ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions, a North American operating unit of ASSA ABLOY, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Who is the CEO of Assa Abloy?

Nico Delvaux (Mar 15, 2018–)
Assa Abloy/CEO
I’m Nico Delvaux and I’m the President and CEO of ASSA ABLOY – the global leader in access solutions. We have grown from a regional company to an international group with about 48.000 employees and operations in over 70 countries.

Who owns August home?

Assa Abloy
August Home/Parent organizations
August Home, one of the buzziest names in smart locks, has been acquired by Assa Abloy, the world’s biggest lock maker and the owner of a multitude of lock brands, including Yale. August will be allowed to operate independently and will continue to be led by founder and CEO Jason Johnson.

Is hid owned by Assa Abloy?

HID Global is an American manufacturer of secure identity products. The company is an independent brand of Assa Abloy, a Swedish door and access control conglomerate.

What is the revenue of Assa Abloy?

76.14 billion SEK (2017)
Assa Abloy/Revenue

Who owns Yale?

Yale/Parent organizations

Are Yale locks made in China?

padlocks and other products are made in China. Tri-Circle padlocks are made in China.

What kind of products does Assa Abloy make?

Products from ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions (formerly Hospitality Solutions) include electronic locks, safes, minibars and several accessories and keycards. ASSA ABLOY Group brands were early innovators in the field of key systems.

Who are the experts at Assa Abloy door security?

Whether you are looking for technical assistance, consulting services or local product availability, our ASSA ABLOY experts and partners are ready to help.

What kind of door trim does Assa Abloy use?

ASSA ABLOY offers a wide range of architectural and door trim accessories that can cover your door from top to bottom, all while providing aesthetic, intelligent and sustainable door solutions. Decorative Doors, Frames and Hardware

What does Abloy Oy stand for in security?

ABLOY offers security and locking innovations dedicated to creating more trust in the world. Combining digital and mechanical expertise, Abloy Oy develops industry-leading security solutions that protect people, property and business. Abloy is part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, the global leader in access solutions.