Where can I buy a freshwater fish tank?

If you are looking for certain freshwater plant supplements, freshwater plant accessories or simple cleaning and maintenance tools, we are your number one stop for aquarium and pond products online. At Aquatic Warehouse, we guarantee you will find something beautiful and unique for your own aquarium.

What kind of supplies do you need for an aquarium?

We stock thousands of aquarium products such as protein skimmers, air pumps, water pumps and power heads, a full line of CO2 Supplies, calcium reactors, aquarium lighting, fish food, refugiums, aquarium filters, aquarium heaters, and much more reef aquarium supplies.

Is there free shipping on premium Aquatics products?

Sale & Clearance Items! Check out our latest sale and clearance items! Free Shipping! Free shipping on most orders over $39 or more!

Which is the best brand of fish tank?

Enjoy the craftsmanship of an aquarium, fish tank, or fish bowl from trusted brands like Marineland, Tetra, Marina, Lees and Penn Plax all at our low-price guarantee. A great place to start building your next aquarium is with Marineland’s Eclipse Corner 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit.

How many different types of fish can you buy at aquatic warehouse?

With over 3,500 different aquarium and pond related products, thousands of fish, corals and plants, we have acquired an excellent amount of knowledge in the industry. Whether it’s custom reef tanks, fish tanks or building your own freshwater planted aquarium, we have the staff and products to create a beautiful and efficient aquarium system.

Where can I get discounts on fish tanks?

With that in mind, we here at Pet Mountain have sought out to provide the perfect aquarium or tank for your fish, all at heavily discounted prices you won’t find anywhere else. We offer some of the best products from brands dedicated to providing quality fish supplies for their customers.

What do you need for an aquascape shop?

Your shopping cart is empty! When it comes to your aquascape nothing is more important than making it unique and natural. At NMS Aquatics, we got a wide range of aquarium products, design, live fish, shrimp, plants, decoration and accessories to create a healthy ecosystem for your aquarium tank.

Where can I find information on aquariums in liveaquaria?

Visit our Pond & Water Gardens category in the LiveAquaria® Education Center where you will find all the information you need for a beautiful and successful pond or water garden! Aquariums are beautiful additions to any home, and the aquarium hobby integrates well with today’s hectic lifestyle.