Where can I camp on the Foothills Trail?

Primitive camping is allowed at various places along the trail and there are campsites available at Burrell’s Ford Campground, Cherry Hill Recreation Area, and other nearby State Parks. Services are available at Walhalla, Seneca and Clemson.

Is the Foothills Trail Hard?

The Foothills Trail is accessible, challenging, but not difficult, and logistically easy to hike. Those hiking east-west will encounter the most challenging parts of the trail immediately, while those going from Oconee State Park to Table Rock State Park get a much easier introduction to the trail.

How long is the Foothills Trail SC?

77 miles
The Foothills Trail, A National Recreation Trail Whether you’re looking for a day hike or planning a multi-day through-hike, the Foothills Trail offers adventures of every length and difficulty. Located in Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina, the trail is 77 miles long.

Is the Foothills Trail open?

Foothills Nature Preserve is now open to everyone as of December 17, 2020. Weekend entrance fees are in effect as of February 27, 2021.

Are dogs allowed on the Foothills Trail?

Pets: Dogs are allowed on all sections of the Foothills Trail. As always, it is recommended to keep pets on a leash while hiking.

Can you camp on the Palmetto Trail?

The entire Palmetto Trail is open to hiking and backpacking. Designated passages and sites are available for mountain biking, horseback riding, and camping. The Trail cannot accommodate motorized vehicles.

Are there bears on the Foothills Trail?

Brown bears (including two sows with cubs) are still active on Campbell Creek in the Muldoon Swamp area. There is mating behavior occurring as well, so more cubs next year.

Is Greenville SC in the foothills?

Greenville SC is set among the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the northwest corner of South Carolina. It is the largest city of the Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson Combined Statistical Area.

Can you bring dogs to Mt Diablo?

Dogs are allowed only in developed areas of the park. They must be kept on a leash during the day and in an enclosed vehicle or tent at night. Dogs are NOT permitted on trails, fire roads or in park buildings. Many visitors to Mount Diablo head straight for the Summit to enjoy the famous view.

Can you thru hike the Palmetto Trail?

The Palmetto Trail. A Palmetto Trail Thru Hiker (noun): A person who COMPLETES the Palmetto trail by hiking from end to end (being sure to include all of the completed Passages in the uninterrupted hike) continuously within a 60-day period.

How long does the Palmetto Trail take?

“I estimate it will take 36 days of hiking, sleeping in the woods, and fun times to finish,” Lemieux said. One of only 16 cross-state trails, the Palmetto Trail is South Carolina’s premier mountains-to-sea hiking and biking thoroughfare.

Do I need bear spray on the Appalachian Trail?

Don’t run or play dead, even if the bear makes a bluff charge. Carrying firearms is strongly discouraged. If you’re concerned, then carry bear spray instead.

Where is the Foothills Trail in North Carolina?

It extends from Table Rock State Park to Oconee State Park. It passes through the Andrew Pickens Ranger District of the Sumter National Forest, Ellicott Rock Wilderness, Whitewater Falls, and Lake Jocassee.

Are there any campsites on the Foothills Trail?

While there are often more people around features such as Whitewater Falls and Lake Jocassee, hikers will find plenty of solitude on most of the trail, including quiet, secluded campsites. There are multiple easy access points to the Foothills Trail.

Where is the Foothills Trail in Gorges State Park?

The part of the trail in Gorges State Park travels through the southern back country before it wraps around Lake Jocassee and crosses a long suspension bridge to where primitive campsites are available. The trailhead is located at the Frozen Creek access area in Rosman on Frozen Creek Road.

Is the Foothills Trail a good hiking trail?

View current trail conditions and closures. “Not only does the Foothills Trail offer a superior hiking experience (Backpacker magazine rated it as “one of the best long trails [fifty plus miles] in the country”), it also provides access to some spectacular waterfalls for sightseers and photographers….”