Where can I watch the sunset in Skiathos?

Where to See the Best Skiathos Sunsets

  • Big Banana Beach.
  • Skiathos Castle.
  • Bourtzi.
  • Evangelistria Monastery.
  • Skiathos Old Port.
  • Agia Eleni.
  • Koukounaries.
  • Mandraki.

Is Skiathos expensive?

It is certainly more expensive than some of the big Spanish resorts . However having been to Crete , Rhodes and kefalonia , I don’t think there is much difference . The great thing about skiathos is you can find somewhere for a meal on any budget .

Does Skiathos have sandy beaches?

Skiathos island has some of the most impressive beaches in the Greek islands. Covered with forests of pine trees, the beaches in Skiathos Greece have soft sand and crystal water. Most Skiathos beaches on the southern side of the island are organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and watersports centers.

What is Skiathos like in May?

With an average daytime temperature of 19°C and highs of 23°C, Skiathos is pleasantly warm in May. There’s just 40mm of rain expected over the course of the month, and with 12 hours of sunshine each day any showers are likely to be brief.

Is Skiathos a party island?

Skiathos Nightlife Skiathos is an island for all preferences in nightlife. There are all-night clubs as well as lounge bars. Some beach bars also stay open till late and organize dance parties on the beach. In summer, famous DJs are often invited to play music in the bars of Skiathos, creating a large party atmosphere.

Is Skiathos a nice island?

Skiathos Town is very cosmopolitan and very beautiful. Not all that much to do but a catamaran trip with Captain George from the Fresh Bar on the new harbour is brilliant, a trip to the monastery, dining in the abundance of restaurants and lazy on the beautiful beaches!

Where is Banana Beach in Skiathos?

Big Banana beach is one of the most well known and popular beaches on Skiathos. Big Banana beach is located on the west coast, close to Koukounaries beach.

Can you drink tap water in Skiathos?

Only drink bottled water, and recycle any plastic Yes no drinking from the tap and make sure you don’t get the fizzy bottled water by mistake as l did once and an interesting frothy coffee immerged ….

What’s the best area to stay in Skiathos?

Where to stay in Skiathos: 10 Best areas

  • Vromolimnos, second most popular beach on the island.
  • Kolios, ideal for families and older visitors.
  • Agia Paraskevi, a beach popular with all age groups.
  • Troulos, where to stay in Skiathos for young families.
  • Koukounaries, saving the best till last for couples and families.