Where does Heerenveen football club play in the Netherlands?

Sportclub Heerenveen ( Dutch pronunciation: [ˈspɔrtklɵp ˌɦeːrə (n)ˈveːn]; West Frisian: Sportklub It Hearrenfean) is a Dutch football club from Heerenveen. They currently play in the Eredivisie, the top level of football in the Netherlands . Sportclub Heerenveen was founded on 20 July 1920 in the town of Heerenveen, Friesland, as Athleta.

Who are the best players at SC Heerenveen?

The best players SC Heerenveen in all leagues, who scored the most goals for the club: Henk Veerman 14 goals, Joey Veerman 10 goals, Benjamin Nygren 7 goals, Siem de Jong 4 goals, Mitchel van Bergen 4 goals, Tibor Halilovic 4 goals, Rodney Kongolo 2 goals, Pawel Bochniewicz 2 goals, Arjen van der Heide 1 goals, Lasse Schoene 1 goals.

Why are the fans of SC Heerenveen called boeren?

Heerenveen fans are mockingly called boeren (farmers) because Heerenveen isn’t a city and the fans mainly live in small villages. Because of the successes of Heerenveen and the meager performances of Cambuur including almost going bankrupt, the rivalry was almost forgotten.

When did SC Heerenveen reach the Eredivisie?

In the 1980s, Heerenveen twice made the promotion playoffs, but were unsuccessful both times. It finally reached the Eredivisie in 1990, becoming the first Frisian club to reach the top level, at the expense of near-neighbours Cambuur. The achievement was overseen by Frisian coach Foppe de Haan.

Who are some famous players from SC Heerenveen?

As the results of recent transfers that include Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Afonso Alves, Michael Bradley, Miralem Sulejmani, Petter Hansson and Danijel Pranjić (and earlier players like Jon Dahl Tomasson, Marcus Allbäck, Erik Edman, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Igor Korneev and Daniel Jensen ), Heerenveen is one of the most financially secure Eredivisie clubs.

Why does SC Heerenveen have a rivalry with SC Cambuur?

Heerenveen retain a very fierce rivalry with SC Cambuur. One of the reasons of the rivalry is the short distance between the two clubs. Because of that the clubs often refer to each other as DKV which stands for Dertig Kilometer Verderop (Thirty Kilometers Away) so that they don’t have to mention each other’s names.