Where is Actionvillage located?

41 Moreland Rd Simi Valley
Action Village 41 Moreland Rd Simi Valley, CA Sporting Goods – MapQuest.

Is Actionvillage com legit?

action village is fine. They are a sister site to ANS. So yes.

Are action Village paintball guns good?

5.0 out of 5 starsThe gun is outstanding! The rest of the kit great as well! This is an excellent kit, basically ready to go kit.

Is ANS gear trustworthy?

Yep. I’ve ordered several thousands of dollars in markers over the years from ANS, never had a problem. If you don’t have a local shop/field that can get the marker for you, in such a situation I have just ordered direct from the manufacturer.

How fast is ANS gear shipping?

between 24-48 hours
Processing & Shipping Times All orders take between 24-48 hours to process and ship from our facility. This does not include weekend days. ANSGEAR.COM uses FedEx and USPS as our primary shipping carriers.

What are first strike paintballs?

First Strike Paintballs , also known as First Strike Rounds or First Strike Projectiles, are a true sniper paintball projectile from Tiberius Arms. Rather than a round gelatin sphere, the shell of a First Strike is made of a photodegradable polystyrene material that is rounded in the front and cylindrical in the rear.

Can a 13 year old play paintball?

While it completely depends on the individual child, it is generally recommended that ages 12-to 14-years-old is the proper age to begin the sport of paintball. Most children at that age are able to understand and abide by the safety rules while still enjoying the game and not overreacting to getting hit.

What do you do for down time at action village?

At Action Village, our down time consists of getting muddy, bruised up and maybe even a faceshot full of snow. We’re outdoor enthusiasts with an edge, who understand the needs of extreme sports buffs. That’s why we only carry the highest quality gear and equipment for snowboarding, skateboarding, paintball, airsoft and BMX riders.

Where is the Vacation Village at Parkway located?

Vacation Village at Parkway offers the best of Florida in one great location. Minutes from Orlando’s theme parks like Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios and Sea World, the resort offers lovely spacious accommodations.

Where to go on a Vacation Village Resort?

Ready, Set, Go! Welcome to Vacation Village Resorts®, where vacations are more than just a moment in time. It’s when the kids first shook hands with Mickey Mouse. When everyone rode a zipline over the fall colors of the Shenandoah Valley. That classic picture of you in front of the neon lights of the Vegas Strip.