Where is Consumer Reports published?

The organization’s headquarters, including its 50 testing labs, are located in Yonkers, New York, while its automotive testing track is in East Haddam, Connecticut….Publications.

Consumer Reports cover dated November 2016
Editor-in-Chief Diane Salvatore
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 3,800,000
Publisher Consumer Reports

Does Consumer Reports still publish a magazine?

Join Consumer Reports with a Print membership to get the latest ratings and reviews plus rigorous reporting on issues that impact consumers. You’ll receive 13 issues of Consumer Reports magazine per year, including the annual Auto Issue and Buying Guide. The Kindle Edition of this magazine includes Page View.

Is Consumer Reports still independent?

Today, CR is still an independent nonprofit with more than 6 million members who fight with their voices and choices for a fair and just marketplaceā€”one that is responsive and resilient enough to deliver trust to consumers no matter what changes come their way.

How do I contact Consumer Reports magazine?

Call 1-800-333-0663.

Can I read Consumer Reports Online?

Online Services & Mobile Apps Get instant, unlimited access to one of the most trusted online sources, ConsumerReports.org.

How do I access Consumer Reports Online?

If you only have a Print membership and do not have an account to sign in with, you can access your account with your account number. To join and become a member, go to ConsumerReports.org. Check out the different membership options and choose the one that’s right for you.

Can I access Consumer Reports online if I have a magazine subscription?

Consumer Reports iPadĀ® App Consumer Reports magazine subscribers get instant access with their paid print subscription. iPad viewing enhancements include interactive features, videos from our test labs, and much more.

What is the cost of Consumer Reports subscription?

Digital membership includes unlimited access to ratings and reviews for 8,500+ products and services including cars, appliances, and electronics….No fake reviews. No advertising. We buy everything we test. 100% unbiased for over 80 years.

Digital Monthly Digital Annual All Access
$10 / mo $39 / yr $59 / yr

Who is Consumer Reports owned by?

Consumer Reports, owned by nonprofit Consumers Union, has about 7 million subscribers, including 3.8 million who buy the print magazine and 3.2 million digital subscribers.

How can I get Consumer Reports online for free?

Via the website Consumerist.com, Consumer Reports is currently offering a free 30-day trial subscription to ConsumerReports.org. From The Consumerist website: Since we’re owned by Consumer Reports, we’re able to exclusively offer you a free 30-day trial subscription to ConsumerReports.org. Yep, it’s free.

How do I send an email to Consumer Reports?

Email: [email protected]. (Read more about encrypted email.)

Where can I read Consumer Reports for free?