Where is Scout boats located?

Summerville, SC – Construction has been underway at Scout’s South Carolina-based headquarters. A new 24,000 square foot plant addition, including a 1,100 square foot paint booth have been built to expand the manufacturing facility.

Is scout a high end boat?

Scout’s 320 LXF is a blend of high-performance fishing boat and high-end cruiser. Get the sweeping view of this new 35-footer from bow to stern and belowdecks. Our respondents like the way Scout boats are designed and built, how they run, and how they fish.

Do they still make Scout Boats?

With an unwavering commitment to design, engineering, and craftsmanship, Scout Boats is set to continue success in the future.

How much does a Scout 177 weigh?

Scout tells us the 177 Winyah powered with a Yamaha F70 outboard will run 40 mph consuming 6.1 gph at 6300 rpm. The boat weighs 1,000 lbs. (454 kgs.) and is rated to 115-hp.

Who is the owner of Scout Boats?

Steve Potts
Scout’s owner, founder and president Steve Potts, has been working in the boat-building industry since he was 14. Working in various jobs, from a ground-level employee as a teenager to a plant manager for American Sail, he always knew that one day he would go off and do his own thing.

Who owns the scout yacht?

James Berwind
James Berwind, son of corporation founder Charles, is the owner of Scout. James Berwind is an environmental architect and animal-rights activist with an estimated net worth of $500 million.

Do scout boats hold value?

As far as the price and what you get, the scout will not hold resale as well, basis for the newer boat being in the same price range, this does not mean scout is a bad boat, but when you factor in customer service, longevity, and brand name, there are a handful of brands that top scout.

Is scout a quality boat?

Scout produces the most innovative, best looking, highest performing and most fuel efficient models in its class. Scout is one of the most respected boat builders in the marine industry, not only due to their cutting edge innovations, but also by the way they run their company and treat their employees.

How long has Scout Boats been around?

We had the business going from February 1989 and had a handful of dealers — seven or eight — in the Carolinas. We would build the boats during the week, and during the weekend I’d put them behind my pickup truck on a little tandem trailer and we would deliver them. That’s how we got started.

Do scout boats have wood in them?

No Wood is Ever Used on a Scout Instead, everything we use through the boat is a composite material, including transoms, stringers, decks, and more.

Who owns Alfa Nero yacht?

Alfa Nero

Cayman Islands
Owner M&M Yachting Inc
Port of registry Cayman Islands
Builder Oceanco Yachts