Where is Steinberg activation code?

Older boxed Steinberg software only: The Activation Code is printed on the included Essential Product License Information card. In case you’ve purchased software as download from our online shop, you’ve received a confirmation email.

What is a device activation code?

The activation code consists of two sets of characters and numbers separated by a hyphen. This code is essential in order to activate your product. Whether you bought your product online or in CD-ROM version, obtaining the Activation Code is easy.

How do I transfer my Steinberg license?

To transfer a license, open the eLicenser Control Center, click on a displayed license (on the right) and drag it to the target USB-eLicenser (on the left). As soon as you release the mouse button, the license will be transferred.

Can I transfer my Cubase license to another computer?

If you want to use Cubase on a new computer, you will have to download and install eLicenser Control Center on your new computer, register and get your new license number, and finally, reactivate your license by entering the new activation code.

Where do I get the code to activate Cubase AI?

The Access Code will allow you to get the Activation Code that you need to allow the eLicenser to activate your copy of Cubase AI. You’ll receive that via email through your MySteinberg Account. The email you get from Steinberg will have the number and letters you will need to put into the eLicenser.

How to activate elicenser Control Center in Cubase?

1 Launch eLicenser Control Center. 2 Go to your e-mail inbox and locate the Cubase Activation Code you received from Steinberg. 3 Click Enter Activation Code, enter your activation code and then click Continue. More

Where do I find the activation code for Steinberg?

With an unused activation code you can activate your software right after the installation. After entering the code in the eLicenser Control Center (which will be installed along automatically with your Steinberg software), the license will be downloaded and stored on your computer or a connected USB-eLicenser (dongle).

How to enter activation code in elicenser control center?

Switch to the eLicenser Control Center on your computer and click and click on the green ‘Enter Activation Code’ button. Enter or paste* the new activation code. Click on [Continue] and finally on [Download license], to complete the activation. If you have received multiple activation codes,…