Where is Suor Cristina now?

Unable to perform, the young woman, Cristina Scuccia, acts on a persistent spiritual tug and commits to becoming a nun. She travels to Brazil to work with poor children and then returns to Italy to live quietly in a convent in Milan.

Did suor Cristina win the Voice?

Sister Cristina Scuccia (also known as Suor Cristina, Italian for “Sister Christina”) is an Italian Ursuline nun who won the 2014 season of The Voice of Italy as part of Team J-Ax, resulting in a record deal with Universal.

What happened to the nun on the voice Italy?

A young nun who became an internet sensation after appearing on Italy’s version of The Voice, has won the finals of the TV talent contest. Sister Cristina Scuccia, wearing her nun’s habit and with a crucifix around her neck, thanked God for her victory.

Who sang Dominica?

In addition to French and English, Deckers recorded versions in Dutch, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese. It was a top selling record in 11 countries in late 1963 and early 1964….Dominique.

Label Philips
Songwriter(s) Jeanine Deckers

Who are the judges on The Voice Italy?

The Voice of Italy
Judges Piero Pelù Raffaella Carrà Riccardo Cocciante Noemi J-Ax Roby & Francesco Facchinetti Emis Killa Max Pezzali Dolcenera Francesco Renga Cristina Scabbia Al Bano Morgan Elettra Lamborghini Gué Pequeno Gigi D’Alessio
Country of origin Italy
Original language Italian
No. of seasons 6

What is the name of the French Tiktok song?

What’s the song? The song in question is Tourner Dans Le Vide by French artist Indila. Translated, Tourner Dans Le Vide means ‘Turn (or spin) in the Void’ and is the second song on Indila’s 2014 album Mini World.

Who won the voice Senior 2020 in Italy?

Erminio Sinni was the winner, whose victory was decidedly overwhelming: his performances in fact conquered and excited the audience, collecting the 53 percent of the total votes against the 24 e 23 percent, respectively by Elena Ferretti and Marco Guerzoni.

Who won the voice Senior 2018?

WINNER The Voice SENIOR 2018 – Jimi Bellmartin: To Love Somebody – YouTube.