Where is the Colour code on a Citroen C1?

On many of the latest models the paint code can be found on the A-pillar of the car. Usually by fully opening the driver’s door a white sticker is revealed. Near the bottom of the label the actual Peugeot or Citroen paint code is printed using 3 or 4 characters.

What Colours do Citroen C1 come in?

The New Citroën C1 is available in eight exterior colours – Smalt Blue, Caldera Black, Gallium Grey, Carlinite Grey, Tapenade Grey, Lipizzan White, Scarlet Red and Sunrise Red, which can be personalised with a choice of chrome door mirrors and door handles on the Flair trim level.

How big is a Citroen C1 boot?

196 litres
At 196 litres, the boot in the Citroën C1 is big enough for the weekly shop or the odd weekend away, but the class leaders are better. The VW Up’s boot offers 251l, the Hyundai i10 has 252l and the Kia Picanto’s is a whopping 255l.

How long is a Citroen C1 in meters?

Because of its exterior size and length of 3466 mm, we classify the Citroen C1 in the category of city cars.

Where is Peugeot Colour code?

As with most car manufacturers Peugeot paint codes can be found in several locations. The most popular is inside the drivers side door shut on a white and silver sticker. On some models it will be in by the hinges of the door (where the door hangs).

What Colours Does the Citroen C3 come in?

A total of 94 shades appeared on Citroen C3 cars.

  • 3Y | BLEU LUCIA MET. 2002 – 2021.
  • 9H | GRIS THORIUM MET. 2006 – 2021.
  • 9P | GRIS SHARK MET. 2006 – 2021.
  • 9V | NOIR PERLA NERA MET. 2007 – 2021.
  • B6 | JAUNE ANODISE MET. 2005 – 2021.
  • B8 | JAUNE PEGASE. 2009 – 2021.
  • FC | BLANC PERLE MET. 2013 – 2021.

Do Citroen C1 seats go down?

If you need more space you can fold the rear seats down – this frees up a maximum boot capacity of 780 litres – although the C1 isn’t helped by the fact its seats don’t fold completely flat. It’s also hampered by a relatively high loading lip.

Where is Citroen C1 spare wheel?

The position of the spare wheel on your Citroen C1 may vary depending on year of manufacture. Most of the time you will find her under the trunk, accessible from inside the boot, or sometimes accessible from the outside by unscrewing the clips in the boot of your Citroen C1.

Where can I find all Citroen C1 colours?

On VerniciSpray you find all CITROEN C1 colours always available in different paint formats. Proceed with the search by selecting your year, colour group or by looking directly for your paint code in the search panel below on the right. Please, note we have all CITROENcodes, so if you cannot find yours, contact us right away!

What kind of wheels does Citroen C1 have?

At the rear, New C1 retains its innovative glass tailgate and features the brand’s new chevrons and badging. New C1 also gains new ‘Notus’ design 14″ wheels and is available with ‘Rift’ 14″ alloy wheels, as standard, on top of the range models.

Is the Citroen C1 a 3 or 5 door car?

Available in both 3-door and 5-door guise from launch, the New C1 appeals as one of the most economical and ecological city cars on the market, but it still has the ability to transport four adults in comfort and boasts a plethora of storage compartments in the dashboard, central console and door panels.

Where can I test drive a Citroen C1?

Test drive the C1 from Charters Citroen this week by calling 01252 21 31 50 or using our form. Booking is advised as we only have a limited number of demonstrators and our schedule is extremely busy.