Where is the headquarters of the RCMP?

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Gendarmerie royale du Canada (French)
Operational structure
Headquarters M. J. Nadon Government of Canada Building 73 Leikin Drive Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R2
Sworn members show 18,986 (Apr. 2019)
Unsworn members show 11,210 (Apr. 2019)

Does Victoria have RCMP?

This unit comprises officers from the Saanich Police Department, Victoria Police Department, Oak Bay Police Department, Central Saanich Police and the RCMP under an agreement with the BC Ministry of Public Safety and solicitor general and they patrol in specially marked cars and are able to enforce laws outside their …

What cities in BC have RCMP?

Locations by province and territory

Location City Services offered
Boston Bar Community Police Office Boston Bar BC Yes
Bowen Island Bowen Island BC Yes
British Columbia Headquarters (E Division) Surrey BC No
Burnaby Burnaby BC Yes

How much does an RCMP Corporal make?

Corporal (Cpl.)

Effective Date Step 1 Step 2
2014-01-01 86,621 89,910
2015-01-01 87,704 91,034
2016-01-01 88,800 92,172
2016-04-01 90,842 94,292

Who is the head of the RCMP?

Commissioner Brenda Lucki, under the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act, and direction of the Minister of Public Safety, has the control and management of the RCMP.

How many police officers are in Victoria BC?

241 police officers
Established in 1858, the Victoria Police Department is the oldest department west of the Great Lakes. 241 police officers, 106 civilian staff and 80 volunteers proudly serve the City of Victoria and the Township of Esquimalt. To report an emergency, call 911.

How do you call the police in Victoria?

Dial Triple Zero (000) for police, ambulance and fire emergencies.

How many RCMP members are there in BC?

Constables: 11,970. Special Constables: 106. Public Service employees: 8,307. Civilian members: 3,087.

Where are the RCMP located in British Columbia?

The BC RCMP, or “E” Division, is the largest Division in the RCMP, with approximately one-third of the entire force located in British Columbia. We proudly provide municipal, provincial and federal policing in areas that range from isolated Aboriginal communities and coastal villages to major cities.

How to contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?

To find contact information for your local detachment, please visit the Detachments page. Yahoo! Mail No endorsement of any products or services is expressed or implied.

How to report a crime to the RCMP?

The RCMP does not accept reports of crime via e-mail. To report a crime, or for immediate police assistance, contact your local RCMP detachment or the police service of jurisdiction in your area.

Where can I find the local RCMP detachment?

Members of the public are encouraged to check with their local RCMP detachment for more information on services currently available. These measures are being taken to protect the safety of our employees and the citizens we serve. Please be advised: Information is subject to change without notice.