Where is Yukta Mukhi from?

Bengaluru, India
Yukta Mookhey/Place of birth

What is the age of Yukta Mukhi?

44 years (October 7, 1977)
Yukta Mookhey/Age

Who is the Miss World of 1999?

Yukta Mookhey
Miss World 1999/Winners

Yukta Mookhey (born on 7 October 1979) was crowned Miss World in December 1999 at the Olympia theatre in London. The pageant was hosted by Ulrika Jonsson and model Melanie Sykes.

Which Indian Actress won Miss World in the year 1999?

She is the fourth Indian woman to win Miss World and was previously crowned as Femina Miss India World in 1999….

Yukta Mookhey
Born Yukta Inderlal Mookhey 7 October 1979 Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Alma mater Vaze College of Arts, Science and Commerce
Occupation Actress civic activist model
Years active 1999–present

Who is Yukta Mukhi husband?

Prince Tulim. 2008–2014
Yukta Mookhey/Husband

What does yukta mean?

Yukta is baby boy name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Yukta name meanings is Attentive, Skilful.

What is the height of Yukta Mukhi?

1.8 m
Yukta Mookhey/Height

What is the height of Yukta Mukhi in feet?

Why Yukta Mukhi got divorced?

Yukta married New York-based businessman Prince Tully in 2008, but the relationship did not last long and the two divorced within a few years. On July 3, 2013, Yukta Mukhi filed a case of dowry harassment and unnatural sex against husband Prince Tuli at Amboli police station in Mumbai.

What is the Rashi of yukta?

Meaning of Yukta

Name : Yukta
Rashi : Vruschika
Nakshatra : Jyeshta
Numerology : 6
Religion : Hindu

How do you pronounce yukta?

  1. Phonetic spelling of yukta. y-uu-k-t-ah. yook-tah. yuk-ta.
  2. Meanings for yukta. A famous Indian actress is prominent for her role in the film Pyaasa.
  3. Translations of yukta. Russian : юкта

What is Sonam Kapoor height?

1.75 m
Sonam Kapoor/Height

What kind of family does Yukta Mookhey come from?

Mookhey was born in Bangalore in a Sindhi family and was raised in Dubai until Mookhey was seven years of age. Her family moved back to Mumbai in June 1986. Her mother Aroona used to run a grooming saloon in Santa Cruz, Mumbai and her father, Inderlal Mookhey was a former Managing Director of a clothing company.

Where is Yukta from and where is he from?

Yukta was born in the Sindhi-speaking Mookhey family in Bombay, Maharashtra, India, on October 7, 1979.

Where did Yukta Mookhey go to school in Mumbai?

In 1986, the family relocated to Mumbai, which is where Yukta received her education. She later went on to do a diploma in Computer Sciences, and even took formal training in Hindustani Classical music for three years.

When did Yukta Mookhey get married to Prince Tuli?

Yukta Mookhey got married to Prince Tuli from Nagpur in November 2008. She had visited Nagpur during the promotion of her film Memsaab during June-July 2008 when she stayed at his family-owned hotel, Tuli International.