Where should a microphone be placed on a guitar?

Mic Stuff: 7 Critical Tips on How to Mic an Acoustic Guitar

  1. Do not place the microphone directly in front of the sound hole.
  2. For a balanced sound that captures high end, place the mic about 12 to 16 inches away from the 12th fret.

How far should the mic be from the amp?

Typically, a guitar amp is close mic’ed to capture the most direct sound. Placing the microphone roughly 4 inches from the grill and aiming it directly at the center of the speaker will produce the most “edge”. If you move the mic further away, it takes away some of the edge and mellows the sound more.

Where should I position my mic?

Your mic should be as close to your mouth as possible in order to only pick up the sound of you voice, and not the other sounds of the room. A good rule of thumb is to have the mic positioned about 6-12 inches away from your mouth.

What is XY mic placement?

X-Y (coincident) stereo miking consists of using two microphones that are placed right next to each other so that the diaphragms are as close together as possible without touching one another. This bracket makes positioning the mics easy. The X-Y stereo mic approach uses two matched microphones placed close together.

Where should I position my guitar amp?

3. Move your guitar amp

  • On the floor hard against a wall.
  • On the floor away from the wall.
  • On a table.
  • On a carpeted floor.
  • On a tile floor.
  • Angled 45 degrees pointing up (only recommend for small combo amps)

Should my mic be upside down?

The rationale behind hanging a mic upside down comes from tube mics. The heat rising from the tube can cause the diaphragm to change temperature over time, which will change the sound of the mic. Placing the tube above the capsule will let the heat rise without passing over the diaphragm.

Can you record electric guitar with a condenser mic?

Dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones can be used to record electric guitars, but they each serve a different purpose. If you’re recording a particularly loud guitar amp, use a dynamic mic. Dynamic mics are capable of recording extremely high sound pressure levels (SPL) without distorting the signal.

Why do guitarists mic their amps?

You mic a guitar amp to be able to capture the essence of the guitar player’s feel, the sound of the room where it is recorded and finally, to capture the fullness of the sound a guitar amp will provide.

Where to place the mic on an electric guitar?

Mic placement when recording electric guitar can vary quite a bit, especially when you start getting creative with your mic’ing techniques. But that said, there are a few tried-and-true methods that will almost always yield good results. First, place your preferred mic in the center of the driver about three inches back.

Is it good to mic your electric guitar amp?

Amp placement has a lot to do with your overall tone, too. If you’re using a combo amp, it’s a good idea to pick it up off of the floor. Sure, it works fine during practice and maybe at live shows, but leaving your amp on the floor during recording may cause the mics to pick up some unwanted low-end due to the proximity effect.

Why is mic placement important for guitar recording?

One of the least understood aspects of getting a great live guitar sound or great guitar recording is mic placement on a guitar amp. I know this because I frequently see people using bizarre techniques. I decided to write this article and add sound clips that will let you hear just how big a difference mic placement can make.

Which is the best mic stand for guitar amps?

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