Where to find free fonts?

Here are some of our favorite places to find free fonts in the upcoming year. 1. Dafont.com. This site comes with a bunch of super cool fonts, many which are free for commercial use.

What is Tamil font?

Tamil Fonts. Tamil is the official language of Tamilnadu State in India. To type in tamil language you have to download and install tamil fonts in your system. We are providing most popular Tamil font used for typing. Latha Tamil font, Bamini, amudham, Valluavar Tamil font for Download.

What is Microsoft font?

Microsoft Font What’s the font used for Microsoft logo? The font used for Microsoft logo is Segoe UI SemiBold, which is a humanist sans serif font designed by Steve Matteson and published by Microsoft Typography .

What is cool text?

Cool Text is a FREE graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. Simply choose what kind of image you would like.

What is a fancy script?

The fancy script fonts are generally used in wedding cards, invitations, certificates , etc. This style of typography derives inspiration from the famous art of calligraphy (the art of beautiful handwriting) that developed in the 17th and 18th century. This kind of font is very similar to the cursive handwriting.

What is a fancy letter?

Fancy letters often get inspired by old fonts of the 18th century or earlier, which use floral shapes and lines for artistic beauty. Loops in the capital letters are often used to turn a regular font into something artistic. When bold lines are used in the letters fine touches of shade can also make for an arty effect.

What is the Gothic font?

Gothic fonts (also referred to as Blackletter fonts) are a type of fonts that feature the same style of gothic designs in its characters. Gothic fonts are easily recognizable thanks to their unique style of design. Gothic fonts are now being used in many types of modern designs ranging from product labels to tattoos, badges,…

What is a Gothic typeface?

Gothic lettering is a style of lettering, also called a font or typeface, that is popular for many artistic projects and other uses.

What is a geometric font?

A geometric font is a stylish font which is available in a regular version with all the special characters and numbers. The high-quality geometric font is useful for design projects like e-card, logo, posters.