Where to get supply crates swtor?

Locked Supply Crate: Ancient Artifacts can be obtained as a reward from the following missions:

  • Alderaan: Destroying The Star Fortress.
  • Alderaan: The Resistance.
  • Alderaan: The Shield Bunker.
  • Battle For The Stars.
  • Belsavis Reborn.
  • Belsavis: Destroying The Star Fortress.
  • Belsavis: The Resistance.
  • Belsavis: The Shield Bunker.

Is there a stash in swtor?

There are two storage options for personal stuff on swtor. You have your personal cargo bay and you have a legacy cargo bay. The legacy cargo bay is accessible by all characters on your account under the same legacy.

Where is Aygo Bey WAN?

Wiki Targeted (Games)

Level 65 Melee NPC
Planet Odessen
Region Alliance Camp Headquarters
Homeworld Bothawui
Status Alive

Where do I get Alliance crates?

Alliance Crates are random armor rewards earned by completing Herocis while your character is level 61 or higher, from supply crates that can only be turned in if you’ve completed Chapter 9 of Knights of the Fallen Empire.

How do you get Hutt Holostatue?

Dr. Oggurobb Hutt Holostatue is obtained via in-game mail for players who pre-ordered the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion.

Where is Kai Zykken?

You can find Kai Zykken in his usual spot on the outer circle on the Fleet, in the Supplies section. If you are now going to visit him for the first time, you will see a short cinematic of him welcoming you.

Is cargo hold shared SWTOR?

Yes, there is shared, cross faction storage. It’s called legacy cargo bays, you can access them in your own or almost any other stronghold or guild ship. Look for a gold colored cargo bay. All characters in your legacy can access the items inside.

What do you do with bound items in SWTOR?

Any old, bound, stuff that can’t be sold to a vendor, can just be dragged out of your inventory and dropped on the ground (which will destroy the item). Hold water, a sieve may not, but hold another sieve, it will – Yoda.

Where do I find Doctor Oggurobb Swtor?

Oggurobb’s Lab is a story area located in The Sanctuary on the planet Makeb. It can be reached from the Oggurobb Facilities.

Where to find the datacron in Belsavis SWTOR?

The Datacron is about about 20 meters up the cliff-wall and the player cannot access it directly. Go around the North end of the mesa-like rock structure to (-831, 780). Follow the canyon to the Datacron.

Where are the Rakata cubes in Belsavis SWTOR?

The Rakata cubes are grey/white and are slightly smaller than Datacron cubes. Also, the Rakata cubes do not glow. Enter a tiny cave at (-2135, -173) and follow the cliff-side around to the cron. To get back you have to go the opposite direction that you came in. Start at (-704, 141, -1897) in the western region of the Tomb area.

Where is the Lost Cavern in Belsavis SWTOR?

Grab the Datacron, and behind this part of the island is a rakata transport that takes you to another transport. The Lost Cavern is an area accessable from the northern point of Maximum Security. Starting at Player Loc. -904, -258, there is a ramp in the rocks that leads down to a cavern.

Where is the high security section in Belsavis?

High Security section (-2790, 955) on another hill near base of tree and beside giant orange beet. The Tomb (-703, -1962) on a hill next to a rock ledge.