Where was Lotus Eaters First Picture of You Video location?

Video. The music video was mainly filmed at a house in Ferry Road, Walberswick with additional scenes shot on Walberswick Beach.

What happened to the Lotus Eaters band?

Lotus Eater have disbanded following allegations against vocalist Paul Collins. Soon after that, the remaining members of Lotus Eater – Cameron Humphrey and Aiden Cooper – put an end to the band, posting a short statement that read: ​“Lotus Eater 2016 – 2021. Gloom Worldwide, thank you for everything.”

What were the Lotus Eaters in the Odyssey?

Odysseus and his men land on an island inhabited by the Lotus Eaters, a gentle people who only consume the fruit of the lotus plant. Those who eat the lotus fruit forget about returning home, preferring instead to hang out on the lotus island and eat lotus fruit.

What is the meaning of the word Lotus Eaters?

In Greek mythology, the lotus-eaters (Greek: λωτοφάγοι, translit. Figuratively, ‘lotus-eater’ denotes “a person who spends their time indulging in pleasure and luxury rather than dealing with practical concerns”.

When was the first picture of you by the Lotus Eaters released?

The First Picture of You/Released

Where was the Lotus Eaters filmed?

Cretan resort
Production. Location scenes in The Lotus Eaters were filmed in the Cretan resort of Aghios Nikolaos and derived its title from the Lotus Eaters of Greek mythology, where those who ate the fruit of the lotus tree lost the desire to return home.

Who was in the lotus eaters?

The Lotus Eaters (band)

The Lotus Eaters
Associated acts The Wild Swans, The Dance Party, The Jass Babies, The Cure, Associates, Minny Pops
Website thelotuseaters.com
Members Peter Coyle Jeremy “Jem” Kelly Stephen Emmer
Past members Ged Quinn Alan Wills Phil Lucking Michael Dempsey Stephen Creese

Where are the Lotus Eaters band from?

Liverpool, United Kingdom
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What do Lotus Eaters look like?

The Lotus-Eaters were creatures that appeared to look very innocent, with looking like normal human beings. Odysseus and his men had lived on the sweet, intoxicating fruits of a tree, producing its lotus-like flowers. They got this name due to their unique properties and that kept them in a state of forgetfulness.

Was Lotus Eaters real?

Although they appear in Greek mythology, the lotus-eaters and their island were very likely based by Homer on a real tribe of people living on a real island.

Did Odysseus eat the lotus?

Odysseus sends three of his men to explore the island. While walking the island, the men encounter the Lotus Eaters and find that they are a peaceful people; they do nothing except eat the lotus plant. Odysseus’ men eat the flowering plant and are immediately changed.

Who sang first picture?

The Lotus Eaters
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