Which direction should I face when cooking?

Vastu Shastra for Kitchen Sink and Stove One must always face the east while cooking. Therefore, cooking appliances like microwave ovens and gas stoves need to be aligned along this direction, adds Madhuri. Place the kitchen sink along the north or north east direction.

Where should the sink be placed in a kitchen as per Vastu?

Sinks and taps in the kitchen indicate flowing water and they should always be placed in the north-east direction. Also, vastu shastra says that sinks should not be placed anywhere near the stove, since water and fire are opposite elements and they repel each other.

Is open kitchen good as per Vastu?

These kitchens that are open to the living area add charm to the entire house. But as per Vastu principles, having a kitchen within a living room is said to promote negative energies which can lead to conflicts and disputes in the family.

What color should be kitchen Vastu?

In fact, as per Vastu Shastra, green is the ideal colour for countertops, besides yellow and orange.

Can kitchen face north?

Cooking should be done in the South-East corner or on the East side of the Kitchen. It is best to cook while facing East but facing North is also all right. It is advisable not to put the stove on the northern wall. The stove should not be in front of the Kitchen’s door.

Can I face south while cooking?

Cooking with face towards the south may lead to financial problems in the family. No shelf should be placed above cooking gas. The cooking stove should not be visible from outside should always be shielded from outsiders.

Can we keep dustbin in kitchen?

Do not keep the dustbin in north-east of the kitchen and avoid cooking under an overhead beam,” adds Parmar.

Where should I put my dustbin in my house?

Some of the safe zones to place a dustbin in are South of South West, East of South East, South of South East and West of North West. Always opt for softer tones when placing a dustbin in your house. Make sure the lid is always covered and the dustbins are cleaned on a regular basis.

How do I get positive energy in my kitchen?

10 Ways to Fill Your Kitchen with Positive Energy

  1. Bring color into your kitchen.
  2. Add essential oils to your cleaning routine.
  3. Fill your kitchen with lucky, leafy greens.
  4. Use salt to chase out bad vibes.
  5. Spend some time decluttering.
  6. Turn your dish soap into an aromatherapy experience.

Which color is not good for kitchen?

Orange, yellow and green colours work well for the kitchen’s countertops. The colour in the kitchen should not be too dark. Avoid dark grey, brown and black. Blue should be avoided in the kitchen, because blue represents Varuna, the god of water.

Is wooden flooring good as per Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, wooden flooring is considered to be the best for the dining area or lounge area at home. According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered auspicious because the stairs connect the two floors, so the use of wood in the stairs brings prosperity and happiness to the house.

What happens if kitchen is in north direction?

The kitchen should never be situated in the north-east or north direction, as this can invite arguments, hinder wealth and luck from entering your life and also adversely affect one’s career. The cooking stove should be placed in the south-east corner and the members of the family should face east while cooking.

Which is the best way to design a kitchen for Vastu?

Reserve the south-east corner of your home for the kitchen. According to vastu, this is the direction that is ruled by the fire element. Thus, this is perfect corner for your kitchen. If you do not find a suitable place in that corner, then the north-west direction works as well.

Which is the best place to practice Vastu Shastra?

Vastu expert Ashna Ddhannak, holistic life coach at Enlightening Lifestyle, believes that the kitchen is the best place to attain better health and improve motivation. To ensure your kitchen is enveloped in positive vibes, the elements of earth, sky, air, fire, and water need to be in balance, according to Vastu Shastra.

Which is the Best Direction for a kitchen?

Best Direction for Kitchen As per kitchen vastu tips, the best direction for your kitchen is the south-east. In case your kitchen cannot face south-east, you can even consider the north-west direction. The kitchen should be in the south-east

Is the kitchen an important part of Indian household?

The kitchen is an integral part of any Indian household—the source of our day-long energy. Every single appliance that finds pride of place in your kitchen is important, and if it is placed according to the principles of Vastu, can ensure that positivity prevails.