Which govt job is best for electrical engineer?

One of the best positions for an Electrical Engineer in India is IES officer/Class 1 Officer and serve Indian Govt. You can appear for the following exams to be eligible for the public sector jobs : UPSC. SSC.

Do electrical engineers work in government?

Individuals with strong engineering skills are mission critical in the federal government. Federal agencies hire civil, mechanical, aerospace, computer and electrical engineers in a wide variety of positions.

What are the government exams for electrical engineers?

GATE. The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) examination is one of the most competitive examinations in India.

  • RBI Grade B Examination.
  • PSU.
  • RRB.
  • SSC JE.
  • UPSC (IES)
  • Private Sector.
  • How do I become a government engineer?

    You can give Gate, IES , SSC JE, RRB JE and SE exams in order to get a Govt job as a Civil Engineer and there are some PSUs also which conduct their own exam BARC, NHAI etc so you can try for these exams as well.

    Can EEE student apply for ISRO?

    If you have interest in EEE branch, you should definitely go for this as it also has many opportunities in government sector. And if you are planning to go for ISRO then the eligibility criteria includes average minimum of 65% marks or CGPA 6.84/10 (average of all semesters for which results are available) in BE/B.

    Which branch is best for government jobs?

    The below courses are the best for getting jobs in government sector:

    • Electrical Engineering.
    • Mechanical engineering.
    • Chemical Engineering.
    • Civil Engineering.
    • Electronics and Communications Engineering.
    • Biotechnology.
    • Petroleum Engineering.
    • Agricultural Engineering.

    What is the career of an electrical engineer?

    Electrical engineers usually work in a lab, an office, a mine or in industrial plants. An electrical engineer usually can pursue a technical career in any industry. They usually supervise computer programmers, electricians, scientists and other engineers.

    Are Electrical Engineers in higher demand than mechanical?

    The demand for mechanical engineers is higher than for electrical engineers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, electrical engineers with additional expertise in electronics and computer hardware engineering are in greater demand than mechanical engineers.

    What is the disadvantage of Electrical Engineering?

    The major disadvantage of Electrical Engineering is that you will lose hope in : Repairing your TV remote just by tapping it on floor. Making your ceiling fan rotate just by giving it initial rotation with hands. Repairing your stucked mobile by simply restarting etc.,.

    Do electrical engineers get to travel?

    As they advance in their careers, electrical engineers take on management responsibilities. They sometimes have to take on extra working hours especially by the end period of their projects. Being an electrical engineer may involve both domestic and international travel .