Which is the best place to see nightlife in Yogyakarta?

Bukit Bintang is one of the best places to visit for witnessing the best nightlife in Yogyakarta. What makes this place special is that it is located on a hill and so you have the perfect opportunity to watch the whole city from a good height at night.

Is the city of Yogyakarta a conservative place?

On the contrary, Yogyakarta is quite conservative: Most girls wear the jilbab and you can see all over the city some aggressive banners against gays or Shia Muslims. I’ve read also about some incidents against a feminist group just a few days ago.

Which is the best art market in Yogyakarta?

Gabusan Art Market (PSG) is located on Jl. Parangtritis Km 9, Bantul, Yogyakarta. This market with a unique architecture was built with the aim of marketing a number of Bantul community handicraft products. In Indonesia, the Gabusan Art Market (PSG) is the largest art market with a variety of items of an Art nature.

Are there any girls in Yogyakarta that speak English?

Of course that is generalizing, there are some outgoing women, even sexually outgoing, and some can also speak English. But the average girl in Jogja you come across is going to be the opposite. If you have nothing better to do and see a pretty lady walk by then you might as well say hello.

Where to go for night life in Jogja?

Every year before the commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, the northern square is one of the centers of joy in Jogja at night. This is where the Sekaten night market is held every year. You can find a variety of fun and cheap games, such as kora-kora, Ferris wheel, Banyu waves, and ghost houses.

Which is the most famous road in Yogyakarta?

Malioboro, the most legendary road segment in Yogyakarta is apparently not only lively with the tumultuous inter-human interaction during the day. When night falls and the city lights start to light up, Malioboro will show his beautiful face. This view is one reason many people find it hard to move on from Jogja.