Which is the best place to visit in Sikkim?

Our Sikkim map provided a best view of major tourist places in Sikkim. We have highlights several places of tourist interest like plateaus, rivers, passes, lakes, monasteries, hot springs, wildlife sanctuaries in this Sikkim tourism map. Sikkim has been divided into four districts East, West, North and South.

How to add Sikkim map to Google Maps?

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What are the four districts of Sikkim India?

Sikkim has been divided into four districts East, West, North and South. This map helps you in planning for your tour to Sikkim in many ways. You can plan for your sightseeing tours, location of places and monasteries.

Which is the nearest railway station to Sikkim?

Sikkim does not have any rail network. The nearest Railways Station is New Jalpaiguri (near Siliguri), which is three hours away from Gangtok by road. New Jalpaiguri station is connected with major cities in India including Kolkata and Delhi. Shared taxis or local buses ply between Gangtok and New Jalpaiguri.

Rinchenpong Monastery is popular with tourists visiting West Sikkim for its scenic beauty and singular Buddha statue. It is situated on a mountain trail above the village of Rinchenpong. The villages of Kaluk and Rinchenpong are located at 5,500 ft. and about 5 hours by road from Siliguri. From the main Rinchenpong bazaar, more…

Which is the road from Bermiok to Barsey?

To reach Barsey, one first drives 60 km from Bermiok via Soreng, upto Hilley. From Hilley, it is four-kilometer trek. The sanctuary is west of National Highway 31A and Bermiok is connected to the National Highway by state roads via Melli-Nayabazar.

What is the natural beauty of Sikkim state?

SIKKIM is a tiny hilly State nestled in the Eastern Himalayas.The State takes pride in the natural beauty manifested by the snow clad mountains ,landscape dotted with perennial stream & waterfalls, lush green forests, picturesque villages , natives in traditional dresses and indegenous architecture. The crime free society more…