Which is the best site to download mixtapes?

The popular mixtape site, Mixtape Monkey, has a huge collection of excellent artists and mixtapes. Listeners can free download and stream parts of mixtapes, albums, and music videos created by the favorite artists there. Hip pop, R&B, and RAP are the main music genres. What’s more, Mixtape Monkey offers music shows and reviews.

How to download and stream mixtapes from LiveMixtapes?

The way to download and stream mixtapes from Livemixtapes is also simple. You just need to click the download or streaming button on the thumbnail of the needed mixtape.

Why are there so many hyped mixtapes?

‘Releases this hyped are like extremely contagious viruses that the internet manages to diagnose almost immediately, then store away until its time for the “best of” lists to hit each December. This is simply not how the world experienced mixtapes a decade ago, inasmuch as there was a collective mixtape experience.

What did rappers do with Mixtapes in 2000?

In 2000, mixtapes were generally still piles of exclusive freestyles sequenced by enterprising DJs like DJ Clue–they were promotional tools, pure and simple. In the middle of the last decade, after CD burners became cheap and ubiquitous, rappers like Lil Wayne began using them to build international audiences.


Where can I get traffic for my mixtape?

Here you will find another popular site, though you will not get quite the traffic that you will with Datpiff. You will get a website that has a visually appealing layout and it is incredibly simple to use when it comes to both uploading your mixtape and promoting it. 3.

How to play a mixtape on MixUnit.com?

Tap to Preview Preview ON. Hover over mixtape or song to preview. Click to play. Many More to Choose! Many More to Choose! Many More to Choose! Many More to Choose!