Which is the longest river cruise?

This is the World’s Longest River Cruise

  • June 1 – 8: Seine River – France (AmaLyra) – Round trip Paris, France.
  • June 8 – 13: Saône and Rhône rivers – France (AmaKristina) – Lyon to Tarascon, France.

What is the longest river cruise in Europe?

the Volga River
Cruising the Volga River, the longest river in Europe, offers the chance to experience both old and modern Russia. Viking River Cruises offers a 12-night cruise between St. Petersburg and Moscow that’s ideal for history buffs and art lovers.

How long is a Mississippi River cruise?

Mississippi River Cruise Lines American Cruise Lines operates nearly nine itineraries, anywhere from five to 22 days, on the Lower and Upper Mississippi, while American Queen Steamboat Company operates four paddlewheelers on all of the Mississippi.

How many river cruise companies are there?

8 Main River Cruise Companies for the US Market.

Which river is longest?

Here is a list of five longest rivers of the world

  • Nile River: The longest river in the world. Nile River: the longest river in the world (Image: 10mosttoday)
  • Amazon River: Second longest and the largest by water flow. Amazon River (Image: 10mosttoday)
  • Yangtze River: The longest river in Asia.
  • Mississippi-Missouri.
  • Yenisei.

Which river is longest in the world?


  • Nile: 4,132 miles.
  • Amazon: 4,000 miles.
  • Yangtze: 3,915 miles.

How long is a European river cruise?

The majority of river cruises are a week long — typically taking in three countries — with some lines offering longer trips from 10 days to two weeks or more. They almost always start in fantastic cities such as Paris, Amsterdam and Budapest, and most itineraries include an overnight onboard.

How long are river cruises in port?

A river cruise can be defined as: Usually there are several port stops over the course of each passage. Typical river cruises often last longer than a week. Carry anywhere from 100 to 250 guests, depending on the ship size.

Can you cruise the entire Mississippi River?

Complete Mississippi River Cruise The ultimate Missisippi cruise – traversing the entire length of the river – stopping at all of the most iconic ports in the region, including New Orleans, Memphis, Hannibal, Winona, and more.

How long are river cruise ships?

List of river cruise ships

Name Year of build Length
Allure 1908 42.26 m (139 ft)
Altay 1958 95.8 m (314 ft)
AmaBella 2010 135.0 m (443 ft)
AmaCello 2008 110.0 m (361 ft)