Which is the story of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev?

Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev All Episodes – Trakt.tv ‘Devon ke Dev… Mahadev’ is a mesmerizing, visually stunning story of Lord Shiva and his avatars. Witness the Lord as a sansarik or householder in this Hindi mythological show. A Rudraksha bead from Shiva’s arm-band falls to earth and is found by Sati.

Who is the cast of Devon Ke Dev?

Series cast summary: Mohit Raina Lord Shiva / 813 episodes, 2011-2014 Saurabh Jain Lord Vishnu (2011-) / 811 episodes, Sonarika Bhadoria Goddess Parvati / 810 episodes, 2011 Darshan Kumaar Shukracharya 696 episodes, 2011-2014 Rishiraj Pawar Kartikeya 543 episodes, 2011-2014

Who is the Supreme Being in Devon Ke Dev?

Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev. 36 Seasons820 EpisodesMythologyPGStar Bharat. He is the supreme being and the destroyer of evil. Witness lord Shiva’s story, his avatars, and a union that shaped the universe – his marriage to Parvati.

Who are the maids in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev?

Sati, with her two maids, Jaya and Niyati set out in search lotuses. In the courtroom, the sculptor community assembles to seek for an apology from Daksh. But, an arrogant Daksh dispels the entire community from his kingdom. Rishi Dadhichi enters the courtroom with his disciples.


Why is Laxmi upset in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev?

Laxmi is upset on Daksh for the elusive punishment he gave to Sati. Sati’s sister expresses her concern about the fulfillment of Sati’s promise, to which she tells her that she would give her life if she fails to endure the punishment.

Why was Daksh targeting Sati in Devon Ke Dev?

Displaying his mightiness to Sati, Daksh explains her the reason behind Shiva and his disciples targetting her. On the other hand, Lord Shiva restfully watches the Lotuses brought to the Kailash by Nandi. Pret and Gan get their turn to influence Lord Shiva’s mind.

Who is Rishi Dadhichi in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev?

Rishi Dadhichi becalms them informing about Chandrama becoming the medium of Shiva and Shakti’s union. With arrogance taken over Prajapati Daksh, he challenges Lord Shiva’s power to stop him from demolishing Shiva’s name, his ideology and his existence.

Who is Narad Muni in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev?

Known for relaying gossips, Narad Muni goes to Kailash and finds Lord Shiva admiring the Lotus with his name inscribed on it. Talking about Daksh’s Mahasabha, Narad comments on Daksh’s new stratagem. On Prasuti and Sapta Rishi Bhrigu’s enquiry, Daksh hides his intentions behind calling the Mahasabha.