Which Pink Panther movie has the line Does your dog bite?

The Pink Panther Strikes Again
Context. This line is spoken by Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau (played by Peter Sellers) in the film The Pink Panther Strikes Again, directed by Blake Edwards (1976).

WHO SAID Does your dog bite?

Inspector Clouseau
Inspector Clouseau: Does your dog bite?

Does your DÖG bite?

Although some dogs are friendlier than others, any dog is capable of biting, regardless of its breed or size. Even the nicest dog may snap or bite when it’s injured or afraid.

What did Inspector Clouseau say?

Votes Item
1 If you say no to champange you say no to life
1 Clouseau: I’LL stand on YOUR shoulders Kato: Why? Clouseau: Because I’m taller than you are – you fewl!
1 I will prove to the world that Maria Gambrelli is innocent… of the crime!
1 I was attacked by a wandering transvestite

Can I pet that dog montage?

Sorry, dogs are not allowed at Montage Kapalua Bay. Don’t feel like you have leave Fido at home though! You’ll find information on all of the other pet friendly hotels in Kapalua here. Or, browse all pet friendly hotels in Kapalua if you’re still looking.

Why does my dog snap at me when I pet him?

Many dogs simply tolerate patting but don’t enjoy it, and many dogs find human touch to be scary or awful. And when something is scary or awful, the polite canine way for a dog to make this clear to the world is by a growl, a snarl, a snap, or an inhibited bite. These dogs aren’t being bad, or dominant, or grouchy.

Do I have to put my dog down if he bites me?

In California, a dog that bites someone is not required to be put down since the owners of the dog are held liable for your injury – not the dog itself. Many of our clients would never open a dog bite case if they knew the animal was at risk of being euthanized.

Does the Pink Panther speak?

The Pink Panther doesn’t talk. In Blake Edwards’ series of “Pink Panther” movies beginning in 1964, all Mr. Panther had to do was slink about to overshadow bumbling Inspector Clouseau. And, true, he uttered a few words in one of the 140 original “Panther” theatrical shorts, which first aired on television in 1968.

What was Inspector Clouseau’s first name?

Jacques Clouseau
Jacques Clouseau, fictional French police detective inspector, most memorably portrayed by the English comic actor Peter Sellers, in a popular series of slapstick comedies beginning with The Pink Panther (1963). Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau.

Can I pet your dog meaning?

to fondle or caress: to pet a dog. to treat as a pet; indulge. verb (used without object), pet·ted, pet·ting. Informal. to engage in kissing, caressing, and other sexual activity with one’s partner, but not sexual intercourse.

Is Montage Deer Valley dog friendly?

Yes. Montage Deer Valley welcomes dogs for a flat fee of $100. Please note, not all residential units welcome pets. We recommend calling reservations at 435.604.

How do you respond if your dog snaps at you?

Instead of Punishing, Back Off and Think! But if your dog growls or snaps, or if you’ve caught one of those more subtle warning signs I mentioned earlier, your best bet is to back off. Exit the situation. Take a deep breath or 50, enough for you and your dog both to settle down. And then think.

What are the quotes from the Pink Panther Strikes Again?

Clouseau: I thought you said your dog did not bite! Hotel Clerk: That is not my dog. Mrs. Leverlilly: You’ve ruined that piano! Clouseau: What is the price of one piano compared to the terrible crime that’s been committed here? Mrs. Leverlilly: But that’s a priceless Steinway! Clouseau: Not anymore! Francois: Do you know what kind of a bomb it was?

What happens to Cato in the Pink Panther?

Later on, when Clouseau is presumed dead, Cato seems to turn the apartment into a brothel, which infuriates Clouseau when he comes home. Cato later accompanies Clouseau to Hong Kong as a translator and is involved in the climactic chase scene.

What happens in the curse of the Pink Panther?

In “Curse of the Pink Panther” while Clouseau is still away Cato converts the apartment into a museum, displaying disguises of Clouseau’s. When Sleigh comes to investigate, Cato mistakes him for an intruder but helps him when this is cleared up.

What’s the running gag in the Pink Panther?

Cato puts a lot of effort into taking his employer by surprise, and Clouseau never really feels safe as Cato will stop at nothing. A running gag is Cato attacking Clouseau during a romantic moment, or else Clouseau going away and Cato transforming the apartment.