Which tram goes to Happy Valley?

Tram route 5 (Happy Valley – Kennedy Town) on the map of Hong Kong.

How do you pay for trams in Hong Kong?

Payment Methods Passengers can pay the fares with Octopus cards or in cash when disembarking from the front exit of the tram. No change is available on board.

How long does HK tram take?

There are 6 tram routes, 120 tram stops and tramways run between Kennedy Town in the west and Shau Kei Wan in the east every day from 6:00am till midnight. Generally, the frequency on all routes depends on traffic conditions (usually 2-4 minutes). During the rush hours, the trams depart on average every 1.5 minutes.

How many trams does Hong Kong have?

HKT currently has around 120 tram stops, including its seven termini. The termini, from west to east, are Kennedy Town, Shek Tong Tsui, Western Market, Happy Valley, Causeway Bay, North Point, and Shau Kei Wan….Interchanges.

Hong Kong Tramways
Simplified Chinese 香港电车

How do you pay for ding ding?

You pay when you exit from the front of the tram next to the driver. You can pay your fare in exact change or tap your Octopus card on Hong Kong Ding Ding Tram. On Hong Kong Tram, Children below the age of 12 are charged one half of the adult single fare.

How do you ride the tram in Hong Kong?

How to tour Hong Kong by tram

  1. 27E Pedder Street. The tour starts from Pedder Street, Central.
  2. Stop 1: 31E Bank Street.
  3. Stop 2: 35E Admiralty MTR Station.
  4. Stop 3: 41E Luard Road.
  5. Stop 4: 53E Paterson Street.
  6. Stop 5: 67E Chun Yeung Street (for buses to North Point) or 69E North Point Road (for buses to Shau Kei Wan).

Can I use Octopus card on tram?

Yes. You can use Octopus card. Board the tram first. From the back of the tram.

Who has the world’s largest double decker tram fleet?

Hong Kong Tramways
Hong Kong Tramways The Hong Kong tram system is the world’s largest double-deck tram fleet still in operation; it carries up to 200,000 passengers every day. The tramway runs on Hong Kong Island between Shau Kei Wan in the east and Kennedy Town in the west, with a branch circulating through Happy Valley.

What time do Blackpool trams stop?

TRAM light rail timetable overview: Normally starts operating at 05:00 and ends at 23:15. Normal operating days: everyday. Choose any of the TRAM light rail stations below to find updated real-time timetables and to see their route map.