Which university is best for occupational therapy?

Here are the best occupational therapy masters programs

New York University New York, NY #8 in Occupational Therapy (tie) Save 4.1
Tufts University-Boston School of Occupational Therapy Medford, MA #10 in Occupational Therapy (tie) Save 4.0

How do I become an occupational therapist in PA?

PA Occupational Therapist Requirements: Performed at least 6 months of occupational therapy work experience as part of an internship under a licensed Occupational Therapist. Pass a criminal background check. Pass the NBCOT OTR examination. There is no continuing education requirement in Pennsylvania.

What GPA do you need to get into occupational therapy?

A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.5 over 7 (credit average).

Is occupational therapy hard?

Occupational therapy is a very challenging, yet very rewarding field. Like any other profession, however, it may not be the right choice for you. First, getting into an OT program is difficult. Competition is fierce, and most who apply for such programs do not get into them the first time they apply.

What do I major in for occupational therapy?

Bachelor’s Degrees for Occupational Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy or Pre-Occupational Therapy.
  • Kinesiology and Exercise Science/Physiology.
  • Psychology.
  • Biology.

Is OT school easier than PA school?

It is usually easier on the body than OT, and the profession is exploding in popularity. If you crunch the numbers and find that you can make things work financially, making the switch from OT to PA might be the right move for you.

How many years does it take to become an occupational therapist?

To become an occupational therapist, you will need to earn both an undergraduate and graduate degree and pass the required licensure exams. You can expect to spend six to seven years in school: four years for an undergraduate degree and two to three years for a graduate degree (if attending on a full-time basis).

Is OT a good career?

Summary: OT is a good career because it offers a flexible schedule, comfortable salary and the ability to choose where you work. Occupational therapy is a good career choice for anyone who wants to get into the healthcare field and work directly with patients to make their lives easier.

What are some good colleges for Occupational Therapy?

According to the rankings of OT programs done by U.S. news, the University of Southern California is currently the best school for occupational therapy, followed by Boston University and Washington University in St. Louis.

What colleges offer occupational therapy programs?

Schools that offer ACOTE-accredited occupational therapy programs that contain courses and fieldwork in pediatric occupational therapy include: Eastern Washington University. University of Texas at El Paso. Mercy College (NY) Nebraska Methodist College. Lenoir-Rhyne University (NC)

What are the cheapest colleges in PA?

Of the private institutions, the lowest priced establishments are Grove City College ($15,550) and the Central Penn College ($16,167), whilst the most expensive universities in Pennsylvania state is the Carnegie Mellon University ($48,786).

How much schooling does an occupational therapist need?

To become an occupational therapist, you must complete post-secondary education in social work, psychology, or occupational therapy. These programs are available at colleges, universities, and career colleges. It takes at least two years of formal schooling, in addition to a work experience component.