Who are the people in Bahrain Gulf Air?

People and Traditions Bahrainis are famous for their hospitality and welcoming nature, which will be reflected in the services provided on all Gulf Air flights to and from the country. The people are religious – about 70% Muslim, with the lines between Sunni and Shia often blurred – but Bahrain is a liberal country…

Where to unwind at Bahrain International Airport?

Retreat to one of our exclusive Departures or Arrivals lounges or the Bahrain Airport Hotel to unwind, work, or enjoy a selection of food and beverages. Unwind at Gulf Air’s Falcon Gold Lounge, a personal haven offering a state-of-the-art, premium experience.

Which is the best airline to fly to Bahrain?

The airport is now a hub for Bahrain’s national airline Gulf Air, and also Kalitta Air, SNAN and Swiftair Bahrain.

How to check the status of your flight at Bahrain Airport?

The interactive map helps you locate outlets, services etc in and around the airport. All travelers are advised to reconfirm the status of their flights with their airlines before their departure times. Passengers may also contact the BIA call center on 80007777 or the international number 80114444 to check the status of their flights.

When did Bahrain Air start flying to Dubai?

Bahrain Air was an airline based at Bahrain International Airport. The airline was the first privately owned national carrier of Bahrain. The first flight took off from Bahrain to the city of Dubai on 3rd February 2008. Bahrain Air operated to more than 18 destinations from Bahrain, with an average frequency of 112 flights a week.

How to get flight updates from Bahrain International Airport?

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