Who did the music for Flash Gordon?

Howard Blake
Flash Gordon/Music composed by

Flash Gordon is the ninth studio album and first soundtrack album by the British rock band Queen, released on 8 December 1980 by EMI Records in the UK and on 27 January 1981 by Elektra Records in the US. It was one of two film soundtracks that they produced along with Highlander.

Did Queen write all the music for Flash Gordon?

Less than six months after The Game emerged, Queen surprised everyone by releasing the original soundtrack music to director Mike Hodges gloriously over-the-top Flash Gordon, a science fiction action film, produced by Dino De Laurentiis, with a screenplay by Lorenzo Semple Jr.

Why did Queen do the music for Flash Gordon?

While rock soundtracks weren’t really anything new, Queen’s assignment for Flash Gordon was to supply original songs as well as the score — and that, coupled with the film’s sci-fi story, proved too intriguing to resist. “It was in our minds that we would be up for writing a soundtrack if the right one came along.

Who sang the song Flash?

Flash’s Theme/Artists

What did Queen think of Flash Gordon?

Queen, the subject of Fox’s Bohemian Rhapsody, opening Nov. 2, recorded their first soundtrack album for 1980’s Flash Gordon. The Hollywood Reporter was not impressed. “Queen supplies a rock score that is, to put it kindly, anachronistic,” said the review of the operatic score.

Did Freddie Mercury design the Flash Gordon logo?

Freddie Mercury is credited with designing the Flash Gordon logo for their album. The soundtrack managed to break the Top 40 in the U.S., with ‘Flash’s Theme’ making it onto the top 10 on the U.K. singles charts. Both composer Howard Blake and Queen were nominated for a BAFTA Award for their work on the film.

Are the flash and Flash Gordon the same?

The Flash is not the same super hero as Flash Gordon. Both being named “Flash” makes them easy to be confused. This confusion has been around since I was born. They’re all expecting Flash Gordon to be super-fast, but really he’s nothing but an ordinary guy who’s been forced into extraordinary circumstances.

What do you mean Flash Gordon approaching?

Kala : What do you mean ‘Flash Gordon approaching’? Kala : He’s escaping, idiot! Dispatch war rocket ‘Ajax’ to bring back his body!

Who wrote We Will Rock You?

Brian MayJason Paul Brown
We Will Rock You/Lyricists

Who wrote Flash Gordon?

Alex Raymond
Flash Gordon/Creators
Flash Gordon, spaceman hero of the science-fiction comic strip Flash Gordon, created in 1934 by illustrator Alex Raymond and writer Don Moore as a Sunday feature for King Features Syndicate.