Who has the best on base percentage in MLB history?

Ted Williams
Left fielder Ted Williams, who played 19 seasons for the Boston Red Sox, has the highest career on-base percentage, . 4817, in MLB history.

What is a good on base percentage in MLB?

On base percentage is typically judged about 60 points higher than batting average. A good average in baseball is . 300 in the MLB, so a good OBP in the MLB would be . 360….What is a Good OBP in Baseball?

Rating OBP (On Base Percentage)
Great .370
Above Average .360
Average .320
Below Average .310

What was Ted Williams lifetime on base percentage?

His . 482 career on-base percentage is the best of all time. Williams also led the AL in home runs four times, and his . 634 career slugging percentage is second to only Babe Ruth.

What counts as on base percentage?

OBP refers to how frequently a batter reaches base per plate appearance. Times on base include hits, walks and hit-by-pitches, but do not include errors, times reached on a fielder’s choice or a dropped third strike.

Who has a 1000 on base percentage?

Career Leaders for On Base Percentage

On Base Percentage All Time Leaders ‘Top 1,000’
Name OBP (Raw) Rank
Ted Williams .482 (.4817) 1
Babe Ruth .474 (.4739) 2
John McGraw .465 (.4655) 3

Who has the most walks in MLB history?

Barry Bonds
Since 2007, Barry Bonds holds the record for most career walks drawn with 2,558. Rickey Henderson (2,190), Babe Ruth (2,062), and Ted Williams (2,021) are the only other players to draw more than 2,000 walks in their careers.

Who is the best hitter of all time?

Greatest MLB Hitters of All Time

  • Honus Wagner — 3,420 Hits.
  • Cap Anson — 3,435 Hits.
  • Derek Jeter — 3,465 Hits.
  • Tris Speaker — 3,514 Hits.
  • Stan Musial — 3,630 Hits. Born: Nov.
  • Henry Aaron — 3,771 Hits. Born: Feb.
  • Ty Cobb — 4,189 Hits. Born: Dec.
  • Pete Rose — 4,256 Hits. Born: April 14, 1941 (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Is a walk an at bat?

In short, a walk is not an At-Bat (AB) because At-Bats are used to calculate a player’s batting average. Including walks as an At-Bat would considerably change a player’s batting average, so walks are removed as an official At-Bat.

Who is the all time leader in on base percentage in baseball?

List of Major League Baseball career on-base percentage leaders. Ted Williams has the highest career on-base percentage in MLB history, led the American League in 12 seasons (also a record), and held the single-season on-base percentage record for 61 years.

What does on base percentage mean in baseball?

In baseball statistics, on-base percentage (OBP) is a measure of how often a batter reaches base for any reason other than a fielding error, fielder’s choice, dropped or uncaught third strike, fielder’s obstruction, or catcher’s interference.

What was the highest on base percentage in a single season?

Ted Williams set the original Major League “standard” / record for highest on base percentage during a single season with .551 during 1941, a record broken by Barry Bonds during the 2002 season (.582) then shattered in 2004 (.609).

Who are the best baseball players of all time?

Rank Player OBP 1 Ted Williams * .4817 2 Babe Ruth * .4739 3 John McGraw * .4657 4 Billy Hamilton * .4552