Who hit the most home runs in the 90s?

Between the 1990 and 1999 seasons, Mark McGwire hit the most home runs, with 405 home runs.

Mark McGwire 1221 .268
Ken Griffey Jr. 1408 .302
Barry Bonds 1434 .302
Albert Belle 1336 .299

Who was the best hitter in the 90s?

The 10 Best Hitters of the 1990s

  • Juan Gonzalez. 1990-99, Texas Rangers.
  • Edgar Martinez. 1990-99, Seattle Mariners.
  • Fred McGriff. 1990, Toronto Blue Jays; 1991-93, San Diego Padres; 1993-97, Atlanta Braves; 1998-99, Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
  • Mark McGwire. 1990-97, Oakland A’s; 1997-99, St.
  • Larry Walker.

Who was the greatest home run hitter?

Babe Ruth
Barry Bonds holds the Major League Baseball home run record with 762. He passed Hank Aaron, who hit 755, on August 7, 2007. The only other player to have hit 700 or more is Babe Ruth with 714.

Who were the top 10 home run hitters?

All-Time MLB Home Runs List

  1. Barry Bonds – 762 home runs.
  2. Hank Aaron – 755 home runs.
  3. Babe Ruth – 714 home runs.
  4. Alex Rodriguez – 696 home runs.
  5. Albert Pujols* – 677 home runs.
  6. Willie Mays – 660 home runs.
  7. Ken Griffey Jr.
  8. Jim Thome — 612 home runs.

Who hit the most home runs in 1998?

MLB Season History – 1998

1. Mark McGwire 70
2. Sammy Sosa 66
3. Ken Griffey Jr. 56
4. Greg Vaughn 50

Who hit home runs out of Tiger Stadium?

One of Cecil Fielder’s most memorable moments was when he absolutely obliterated a home run at Tiger Stadium against the Oakland Athletics. Have a look to see just how far this moonshot went.

Who are the top 50 home run hitters in MLB history?

When veteran slugger Alfonso Soriano announced his retirement from baseball in 2014, after playing 16 years in the major leagues, his 412 home runs were just good enough to crack the top 50 in MLB history. Of course, baseball is nothing if not remorseless, and Soriano has already ceded his top 50 spot to Adrian Beltre, who sits at #50 with 413.

Who was the first MLB father son duo to hit back to back homers?

On Sep. 14, 1990, Griffey and Ken Griffey Sr. became the first father-son duo in MLB history to hit back-to-back homers. Had injuries not taken their toll in the latter half of his career, “The Kid” could’ve pushed for 700 dingers while a member of the Cincinnati Reds.

Who are the top 10 power hitters of all time?

Throughout the history of Major League Baseball, many players have become legends for their power-hitting ability. We’re taking a trip down memory lane to highlight the top 10 of all time. Although a few of the players have long been retired, several recent stars secured a place next to Hall of Famers before hanging up the cleats.

Who was the best baseball player in the 90s?

Mo Vaughn was a force to reckoned with in the 90s. He was a big man with a big bat and moved pretty good for a guy his size. During his 1995 MVP season he led the league in runs batted in with 126.