Who is Big Steve from Moonshiners?

DUNCAN FALLS – Steve Watson has done a little bit of everything, but a break from one passion lead to another, and in turn has made him a rising star in the moonshine world. Watson, who grew up in Zanesville and now lives in Duncan Falls, has had a varied career, from law enforcement officer to seafood salesman.

What happened to Steve on Moonshiners?

He was convicted on February 1, 2016. Tickle was given a three-year suspended penitentiary sentence on March 24, 2016. He was arrested again for a probation violation and sentenced to serve 5 months on September 15, 2016….

Steven Ray Tickle
Known for Starring in Moonshiners and Tickle
Spouse(s) Carol Ann Tickle (2019)

Is Steven Ray Tickle married?

The felon and family man tied the knot to a bail bondswoman. Here’s what you need to know… On Saturday, October 19, 2019, Moonshiner Steven Ray Tickle, a.k.a. “Tickle,” married sweetheart Carol Tickle and the theme — if you can believe it — was moonshine.

Is the TV show Moonshiners fake?

Whether you happened upon this phenomenon randomly while channel surfing or you’ve been a long-time fan of Discovery Channel’s hit TV show Moonshiners you may have pondered at some point: Is this real life? The short answer is: No, child, it’s television. This is not reality.

What day and time is moonshiners on?

Rise and ‘shine for the all-new season of MOONSHINERS, returning to Discovery on Tuesday, November 14 at 9pm ET/PT.

Who died from the show Moonshiners?

Lance Waldroup
Lance Waldroup, one of the bootleggers featured in Discovery’s reality series “Moonshiners,” died on Feb. 25 in North Carolina. He was 30. The network confirmed Waldroup’s death in a Facebook post earlier this week.

Are Mark and Digger from Moonshiners a couple?

Although Mark and Digger appear as a dynamic duo in the moonshine business, they’re not a couple romantically. They have a shared interest in distilling alcohol and are both a part of Sugarland’s Distilling Company.

Who got busted on moonshiners?

According to Screen Rant, Popcorn Sutton was arrested in the spring of 2008, after openly admitting to his illegal business activity while in conversation with an undercover officer. The legendary moonshiner was sentenced to jail in January 2009.

What is Tickle worth?

Tickle Moonshiner net worth: Tickle Moonshiner is an American moonshiner and reality television personality who has a net worth of $300 thousand. Tickle Moonshiner was born in Southwest Virginia, and is known for creating “moonshine”, illegal, homemade liquor.

Are Mark and Digger real Moonshiners?

“It’s authentic,” Mark told WHSV TV in 2017. It’s worth noting that Digger and Mark work with a legal moonshine distilling company called Sugarland’s Distilling Company, which is located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. However, they could still get busted for the moonshining they do outside of that at any time.

What is Tim Smith’s net worth?

Tim Smith net worth: Tim Smith is an American moonshiner and reality television personality who has a net worth of $300 thousand. Tim Smith is based in Southwestern Virginia, and grew up in a family of moonshiners and bootleggers.

Who died from the show moonshiners?

Who are the original cast members of moonshiners?

Steven Ray Tickle is the second original cast member of ‘Moonshiners’ who truly captures the essence of the show. For an entire show based on illegal activity, we are surprised that other cast members do not land them in trouble as much as Steven Ray Tickle.

Who is Steven Ray Tickle in moonshiners?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Steven Ray Tickle, usually referred to as simply “Tickle”, is an American television personality, known for his role in Discovery Channel docudramas Moonshiners and Tickle.

How did the cast of moonshiners get injured?

DAYTONA BEACH — A cast member of a docudrama TV series claims that after being hospitalized at Halifax Health Medical Center for injuries from a motorcycle accident during Bike Week, he was subsequently discharged because he lacked insurance.

Who are the best friends of the moonshiners?

Meet the moonshiners’ best friends – their dogs! From Cutie Pie to Camo, Tim and Tickle explain… Watch Jim Tom’s music video as he sings his new hit song “Golly That’s Good” on The Ballad of… In this bonus scene, watch from afar as customers come to buy some shine from Darlene.