Who is currently in the ISS?

The current ISS occupants are NASA astronauts Megan McArthur, Mark Vande Hei, Kimbrough, Hopkins, Walker and Glover; JAXA’s Noguchi and Akihiko Hoshide; the European Space Agency’s Thomas Pesquet; and cosmonauts Oleg Novitskiy and Pyotr Dubrov.

Who is currently on the ISS 2021?

Along with the three U.S. astronauts, the Expedition 65 crew includes cosmonauts Oleg Novitskiy and Pyotr Dubrov of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Akihiko Hoshide, and French astronaut Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency.

Is there a crew in space right now?

Currently, 14 astronauts aboard three different spacecraft are in space. They are NASA astronauts Shane Kimbrough, Megan McArthur and Mark Vande Hei; Japan’s Akihiko Hoshide; Russian cosmonauts Pyotr Dubrov and Oleg Novitskiy, and European Space Agency’s Thomas Pesquet, according to NASA records.

Is an hour in space 7 years on Earth?

The first planet they land on is close to a supermassive black hole, dubbed Gargantuan, whose gravitational pull causes massive waves on the planet that toss their spacecraft about. Its proximity to the black hole also causes an extreme time dilation, where one hour on the distant planet equals 7 years on Earth.

Who are the current ISS astronauts?

Currently on the ISS are NASA astronauts Nick Hauge and Christina Koch, along with Russian cosmonaut, Alexy Ovchinin , who have been waiting for the rest of the crew for Expedition 60 to join them.

What does the crew on the ISS do?

The ISS serves as a microgravity and space environment research laboratory in which crew members conduct experiments in biology, human biology, physics, astronomy, meteorology, and other fields. The station is suited for the testing of spacecraft systems and equipment required for missions to the Moon and Mars.

Who’s on the ISS now?

While you prepare for turkey and mashed potatoes down on earth, astronauts on the International Space Station are preparing for a slightly stranger meal. There are currently three people on the ISS: Commander Alexander Gerst, Serena M. Auñón-Chancellor and Sergey Prokopyev.

Who are the members of the ISS?

The ISS consists of Canada, Japan, the Russian Federation, the United States, and eleven Member States of the European Space Agency (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom).