Who is David Pack married to?

Pack with his wife, Vernia.

Is David Pack still with Ambrosia?

David Robert Pack (born July 15, 1952) is an American singer and musician who co-founded the rock band Ambrosia in the 1970s….

David Pack
Years active 1970–present
Labels Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Concord
Associated acts Ambrosia, Alan Parsons, Michael McDonald
Website www.davidpack.com

How old is David Pack of Ambrosia?

69 years (July 15, 1952)
David Pack/Age

What year did David Pack leave Ambrosia?

The lead singer, David Peck, pursued a solo career. A series of unfortunate events compelled him to leave ‘Journey’ unofficially in 1986.

Why did Ambrosia break up?

Ambrosia broke up in 1984, four years after their last Top 40 hit. But it wasn’t the lack of hits that precipitated the breakup, Puerta said. During their six years apart, the four members of Ambrosia kept busy, but the old wounds healed, and the four decided to give it another shot, Puerta said.

When was Bruce Hornsby in Ambrosia?

Hornsby became friends with members of Ambrosia and would crash on a member’s sofa when he made visits to Los Angeles in 1979 or 1980.

What ever happened to Ambrosia?

Since 1989, Ambrosia has reunited multiple times with ever-changing band lineups. Original drummer/singer Burleigh Drummond’s wife is now a key member of the band. They’re still keeping the spirit of the 70s alive and well! Never call Ambrosia a “one hit wonder” if anything they’re actually a “four hit wonder”!

Is Joe Puerta married?

In 2020, Joe married his Tour Manager and long time fan Shannon Marie Killala on Star Vista’s 70’s Rock and Romance Cruise a-midst a unique concert/wedding with his Ambrosia bandmates (Chris North best man, Burleigh Drummond officiating) and good friends musicians John Ford Coley, Peter Beckett, and Stephen Bishop.

Did Michael McDonald ever sing with Ambrosia?

Ingram and McDonald later re-teamed to provide background vocals for Ambrosia’s David Pack on “I Just Can’t Let Go,” and helped co-write “She Don’t (Come Around Anymore)” on the same album (1985’s Anywhere You Go).

How many original members are in Ambrosia?

four original members
After a six-year hiatus, the four original members–singer-guitarist Dave Pack, singer-bassist Joe Puerta, keyboardist Christopher North, and drummer Burleigh Drummond–are back in business, touring and recording again with new recruits Tollak Ollestad (keyboards) and Shem (percussion).

Who wrote Ambrosia songs?

David Pack
David Pack is the original co-founder of legendary prog-rock pop band Ambrosia, the voice and sole writer of their classic hits from the 70’s and 80’s.

Who was rock group Ambrosia?

Ambrosia (band)

Labels 20th Century Fox Warner Bros. Collectables
Associated acts The Alan Parsons Project
Website www.ambrosialive.net
Members Joe Puerta Burleigh Drummond Christopher North Doug Jackson Kipp Lennon Mary Harris