Who is Eamonn Andrews married to?

Gráinne Bourkem. 1951–1987
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When did Eamonn Andrews die?

5 November 1987
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Death. After months of illness during 1987, originally caused by a virus contracted during a plane journey, Andrews died from heart failure on 5 November 1987 aged 64 at the Cromwell Hospital in London. He had recorded his last edition of This Is Your Life six days previously on 30 October 1987.

Is Eamonn Andrews dead?

Deceased (1922–1987)
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What nationality was Eamonn Andrews?

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Has Eamonn Andrews been married before?

Who took over this is your life from Eamonn Andrews?

Michael Aspel
It was hosted by Eamonn Andrews from 1955 until 1964, and then from 1969 until his death in 1987. Michael Aspel then took up the role of host until the show ended in 2003. It briefly returned in 2007 as a one-off special presented by Trevor McDonald….This Is Your Life (British TV series)

This Is Your Life
Running time 30–60 minutes

Where was Eamonn Andrews born?

Dublin, Ireland
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What age is Michael Aspel?

88 years (12 January 1933)
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Did Eamonn Andrews have a son?

Fergal Andrews
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Did anyone refuse This Is Your Life?

Only two people have ever refused the honour. They were footballer Danny Blanchfolower in the 1950’s, who never did the show, and the author Richard Gordon, who said no live on air in 1974 but was persuaded to stay for a show that was broadcast a week later.

Does Michael Aspel have a disabled son?

He may not have had a war to contend with, but there has been immense difficulty. He has lost two of his seven children, one son, James, at three days old, another, Gregory, at 30, to cancer. Another son, Patrick, has cerebral palsy. A contented domestic life never happened for him either.

Where was Michael Aspel born?

Battersea, London, United Kingdom
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