Who is stronger Legato vs Vash?

As Legato and Vash do battle, Legato reveals his past as a sex-slave, and how he came to love and swear loyalty to Knives for destroying the city he was trapped in. Legato beats Vash so severely that it activates an automatic defense mechanism in Vash, which leads to him severely wounding Legato.

Has Vash killed anyone?

Vash still gets scarred by Legato’s actions, as most of The Gung-ho Guns either get killed for failing to put an end to Vash or commit suicide because they were afraid of being punished by Knives….Who is Vash the Stampede brother?

Vash the Stampede
In-universe information
Relatives Millions Knives (brother)

What happened to Vashs arm?

Vash lost his left arm when Knives blew it off using a different revolver, after Vash stole Knives’ black Angel Arm pistol years earlier. In the manga, Knives cut it off when they were younger with a blade he formed from his own body. He now has a cybernetic replacement, which also conceals an integrated firearm.

Does Vash get with Meryl?

While at first chasing Vash is just her job, Meryl soon falls in love with him – although she has a hard time admitting it to anyone until the end of the series, least of all herself.

Why is it called trigun?

The series is named Trigun because Vash has three guns. His revolver, his prosthetic arm which houses a gun, and his angel arm. Knives and Vash are twins, that fact not only makes them both equal theoretically,_ but practically as well.

What happened to Vash and Knives?

Even though Knives was nearly killed in the July incident, he slowly regenerates, and later forms the Gung-Ho-Guns to act for him in his stead while he recovers. Knives’ fate is unknown in the anime, but at the ending of the series, he is shown to have been bandaged from his final fight against Vash.

Is Vash immortal?

The character Vash shows an extended lifespan beyond the reach of ordinary humans. In the Anime series, the character is 130 years old.

What is Vash the Stampede real name?

Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz
Vash says his full name is Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gombigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andri Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III, but this may just be another exaggerated joke. Vash’s main weapon is the “Angel Arm,” a large cannon capable of destroying cities.

What does REM say to Vash?

She leaves the boys in the pod and deploys it. Vash cries desperately for Rem to stay but she comforts him and tells him, “Take care of Knives.” Whether Rem was aware of Knives plot is uncertain, but after the pod deploys Vash watches the ship explode with Rem onboard.

Who is Vash’s love interest?

Meryl Stryfe (メリル・ストライフ, Meriru Sutoraifu) and her junior coworker, Milly, are agents of the Bernardelli Insurance Society sent to evaluate claims regarding Vash The Stampede.

Are Vash and Knives twins?

Knives Millions (ミリオンズ・ナイブズ, Mirionzu Naibuzu) is the main antagonist of Trigun and the twin brother of Vash the Stampede.

What is Vash’s Angel arm?

The Angel Arm is a natural ability found in all Plants. Capable of a wide variety of forms, these Angel Arms are most commonly known for their usage by Vash and Knives in which they appear as enormous cannons with the faces and wings of angel’s (thus their name).

Who is Legato Bluesummers in the Trigun series?

Legato Bluesummers (レガート・ブルーサマーズ, Regāto Burūsamāzu) is a man who devoted himself to Knives. His main goal is to have Vash experience eternal pain and suffering.

What happens to Vash in Legato Bluesummers?

Vash never ends up killing though, always figuring out a way to survive without finishing anyone off. Vash still gets scarred by Legato’s actions, as most of The Gung-ho Guns either get killed for failing to put an end to Vash or commit suicide because they were afraid of being punished by Knives.

What does the skull on legato’s left arm mean?

“Bluesummers” is a likely reference to blues music. In the manga, the skull on Legato’s left arm opens up to reveal a mechanical spindle with all the micro-wires he uses to control people. It is merely decorative in the anime.

Who is legato in The Lord of the Rings?

Legato is simply a sadistic nihilist who is determined to torment Vash and aid Knives in his quest to eradicate humanity. He also attached Vash’s severed left arm to himself in place of his own, because Vash “refused to be by his (Knives) side”. He also displays a habit of licking the transplanted hand while taunting Vash.