Who is the artist for Wasgij puzzles?

Graham Thompson. The man behind the Wasgij sensation! Graham loves to draw everyday objects, situations, and the predicaments that we can find ourselves in from time to time. But the great thing about his drawings is his skill at finding the funny – and often ridiculous – side of anything.

Where was the Wasgij invented?

I learned that Wasgij puzzles are produced by Jumbo Games, a Dutch company established in 1853. Wasgij puzzles are made in their Netherlands factory from recycled cardboard and paper. Wasgij is jigsaw spelled backwards and is pronounced “Woz-gidge.” And these puzzles are backwards.

How do you pronounce Wasgij?

We all know that Wasgij is the best brainteaser puzzle EVER! But do you know how to pronounce the name of your favourite cryptic jigsaw? Repeat after me… ‘Woz-gidge’!

What is different about Wasgij puzzles?

WASGIJ is jigsaw spelt backwards and the puzzles offer an interesting take on the standard traditional jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle that you have to piece together are different to the images shown on the box and you have to use your imagination to complete the jigsaw.

Where can I find all the Wasgij solutions?

If you just want the Wasgij solutions, then scroll right to the bottom and you’ll find a list of all my completed solution posts. The first time I was given a Wasgij puzzle it was a double puzzle. 2 in 1, there’s one bonus puzzle which is the box image along with the normal Wasgij which is one you have to work out how to solve.

Is there a complete list of Wasgij puzzles?

So below is what I think is a complete list of Wasgij puzzles, this is upto date as of November 2020. As more puzzle come out I will endeavour to add them to the list.

How many Wasgij jigsaws have I completed?

Jul 29, 2018 Wasgij completed solutions and list of all puzzles This page over the years has grown and grown, I keep updating as much as possible, Before this page was a mismatch of my complete list of Wasgij puzzles, Photos of the completed jigsaws I had done. 2. 17098 – Happy Holidays! 3. 13857 – Full Monty Fever!

What to do if you get stuck with a Wasgij Jigsaw?

Now at first it was a bit frustrating as normally if you get stuck with a normal jigsaw you look at the picture on the box for a clue, but can’t do this directly with the Wasgij puzzles. Though you do have a few clues around the box to help you out.