Who is the Australian ambassador to Russia?

Graeme Meehan
List of ambassadors of Australia to Russia

Ambassador of Australia to the Russian Federation
Incumbent Graeme Meehan since July 2019
Style His Excellency
Nominator Prime Minister of Australia
Appointer Governor General of Australia

Does Australia support Russia?

According to a 2017 Pew Global Attitudes Project survey, 37% of Australians have a favourable view of Russia, with 55% expressing an unfavourable view.

Can you fly from Australia to Russia?

Yes, there are multiple flights from Australia to Russia for under $1,400.

Does Australia have a Russian embassy?

HOME – Embassy of The Russian Federation in Australia.

Is Russia allied with Australia?

Consular relations began in 1857 and formal diplomatic relations in 1942. Australia established an Embassy in Russia in 1943 and has Consulates in Vladivostok and St Petersburg. The Russian Federation has an Embassy in Canberra, a Consulate-General in Sydney and Consulates in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne.

What does Russia import from Australia?

Imports from Russia totalled about $210 million in 2020, roughly half the amount of 2019. Major imports include fertilisers, crude petroleum and wood manufacturing products. Australia’s imports of crude petroleum from Russia have been declining since 2014.

Does Australia have an embassy in Russia?

The Embassy of Australia in Moscow is the diplomatic mission of Australia to the Russian Federation. The current head of post and Ambassador of Australia to the Russian Federation is Graeme Meehan.

Is there an embassy of Australia in Russia?

Country of Russia has 2 other representations in Australia: Australian Embassy In Russia represents one of 162 consular and diplomatic representations of Australia all over the world. Australian Embassy In Russia represents one of 201 foreign consular and diplomatic representations from around the world in Russia.

Where can I get an Australian visa for Armenia?

Nationals of Armenia can apply for Australian Visa at the Embassy of Australia in Moscow, Russia.

What does Australia support in relation to Russia?

Australia supports all peoples’ right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. We reaffirm a call for Russia to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into Alexei Navalny’s poisoning using the banned Novichok nerve agent last August. The health and safety of Australians overseas is our highest priority.

Who is the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs?

In Canberra Mr Meehan has served as Assistant Secretary, East Asia Branch; Deputy Head, China Free Trade Agreement Taskforce; and Director, Asia Section, International Division, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Mr Meehan holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the University of Melbourne.