Who is the author of the Ugly Duckling?

The Ugly Duckling is an animated short film produced by Walt Disney and the 75th and final entry in the Silly Symphony series. The film is based on the fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen where a duckling is harassed and persecuted because of his homeliness but eventually matures into a swan, the most beautiful bird of all.

Is the Ugly Duckling a remake of an earlier episode?

The Ugly Duckling was Disney’s last Silly Symphony short and the only one to be a remake of an earlier episode. A remake of an earlier Silly Symphony retells the story of an outcast duckling whose search for a family to accept him leads to constant rejection before learning his true identity as a swan.

Is the Ugly Duckling a chicken or a duck?

Walt Disney had earlier produced a black-and-white Silly Symphony episode under the same title in 1931, but with several key differences. For example, the Ugly Duckling in the 1931 version is actually a duck who is hatched by a chicken.

How did the Ugly Duckling try to join the Duck family?

The Ugly Duckling attempts to join the duck family, but they turn their backs on him. So he attempts to join a family of sparrows and even to befriend a wooden duck decoy, but they all turn him down. He feels sorry for himself and cries until a mother swan and her cygnets approach him. He joins them and they accept him.

What was the scene in the Ugly Duckling and Me?

Written by Anonymous Did You Know? The scene where Ugly hatches out of his egg and jumps onto Ratso’s head is a shot-for-shot parody of the scene in Alien (1979) where the Facehugger jumps out of its egg and latches onto Kane’s face. See more ยป

Who is the rat in the Ugly Duckling and Me?

This modern version of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale is charming. Ratso is a streetwise chancer of a rat whose theatre show is struggling. Then he finds an egg that hatches a mutant swan. Ratso soon sees the potential of showing Ugly as a freak.