Who is the damn Daniel Guy?

teenager, Josh Holz, follows another teen named Daniel around a high school campus while avidly complimenting his white Vans sneakers, thus creating the iconic phrase, “damn Daniel! Back at it again with the white Vans!”

What is the damn Daniel thing?

“Damn Daniel” is a catchphrase that stems from a Twitter video montage featuring a voiceover of a teenager complimenting his friend Daniel on his fashionable attire on a number of different occasions.

How old is damn Daniel video?

Damn Daniel is a 2016 viral video. Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz, who as students at Riverside Poly High School, reached Internet fame after his video, an edited collection of Snapchat videos, became popular on YouTube and Facebook. In 2016, Time magazine listed him as one of “The 30 Most Influential People”.

What did damn Daniel win?

Damn, Daniel. You just won a lifetime supply of Vans.

How tall is damn Daniel?

He doesn’t have huge plans of launching a full-out catwalk modeling career, despite his 6-foot-frame, but he does want to “maybe shoot for some of my personal or favorite brands.

What is the original What are those?

What is “What Are Those”? “What Are Those is a month-old video meme that’s steadily conquered teen Instagram and Vine. It all started on June 14, when the Snapchat-famous Brandon Moore — he goes by the moniker “Young Busco” — uploaded an Instagram video of a woman getting arrested in Berkeley, Calif.

Where did the damn meme come from?

Here’s what you need to know: “Damn, Daniel” is an edited collection of Snapchat videos posted by a kid named Josh which shows him, in a funny voice, saying “Damn, Daniel!” and admiring his friend’s shoes and outfits. That’s it. That’s the entire thing.

How many views did damn Daniel?

The minimal commentary caught a foothold in the internet’s attention, reaching viral meme status quickly – totalling 45 million views in a matter of days. It was just some 14-year-old kid and his smart sartorial choices: one day in blue Nikes and a blue windbreaker, a navy hoodie and tan Dickies and a white T-shirt.

What is Daniel Lara Instagram?

Daniel Lara (@danlaraa) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who created what are those?

Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore, better known as Young Busco, was a comedian and Instagram personality whose catchphrase became famous on Vine in 2015. Young Busco, who originated the “What are those?” meme, has died. He was 31.