Who is the principal of the St Michael School Barbados?

Dr. Yvette Mayers
This was emphasised today as its Principal, Dr. Yvette Mayers; and Education Minister, Ronald Jones, addressed students, parents and staff at the annual speech day and prize-giving ceremony at the school at Martindales Road, St. Michael.

What are the five houses of the Lodge School Barbados?

By 1882 the school’s name had finally settled on The Lodge School, after the Chaplain’s Lodge where some of the early classes were undertaken….

The Lodge School
Houses Codrington, Emtage, Gooding, Laborde, Wedderburn
School song Here we stand where our fathers standing.
Official phone 1 (246) 423 3834

How many secondary schools are there in Barbados?

34 secondary schools
There are 34 secondary schools, of which 22 are government-run and 12 are assisted private secondary schools. These schools fall into three categories: nine government-owned former grammar or older secondary schools, four of which have sixth forms; 13 assisted private schools; and newer secondary schools.

Who is the Minister of Education in Barbados?

Hon. Santia Bradshaw
Minister of Education Hon. Santia Bradshaw along with teams from The Ministry of Education,Technical and Vocational Training and The Teachers’ Unions toured the schools across the island.

How Old Is Lodge School Barbados?

Located at Society St. John, The Lodge School was founded in 1745. Its principal is Vasco Dash and it has a roll of over 1,100 students.

When was the lodge school founded?

The Lodge School/Founded

What is the top school in Barbados?

2021 Barbadian University Ranking

sort by: rank a-z town oldest filter by: public private non-profit for-profit
# University Town
1 The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus Bridgetown …
2 American University of Integrative Sciences Belleville
3 American University of Barbados Saint Michael

Where does Barbados rank in education?


Total population 99.7% 2nd out of 34
Primary education, duration > Years 6 123th out of 200
Primary education, teachers per 1000 6.1 36th out of 134
Pupil-teacher ratio, primary 13.09 105th out of 131

How many private schools are there in Barbados?

Barbados has a relatively small number of private schools. There are some 15 private secondary schools and seven senior schools in addition to a handful of private nurseries for preschool aged children.

What is school like in Barbados?

There are three levels of schooling in Barbados, which all have a 39-week school year. These levels include primary, secondary and higher education. Schools in Barbados follow the outcomes-based learning approach, which provides national standards and education targets for schools and parents.

Is education free in Barbados?

Education is provided free of charge and is compulsory between the ages of 5 and 16, and attendance is strictly enforced. In 1991, the gross primary enrollment rate was 90.4 percent. It was reported that Barbados has spent roughly US$15 billion on Education since Independence in 1966.

How much is private school in Barbados?

Private Primary Schools in Barbados

The Ifill School Hindsbury Road, St. Michael $9850 per year (four Terms)
Legacy Preparatory*
Saama International Inc. Learning Centre (Primary and Secondary) Belleville, St. Michael $1600 per term
Lite Primary School* Kingston Terrace, St. Michael

What is the mission of St Michael School?

Nisi auxilio dei nihil (Nothing without help from God). The mission of The St. Michael School is to provide high quality secondary education in the moral, social, academic, technical-vocational and physical areas for all students, equipping them with the resources to function successfully in a changing, technology-driven environment.

When was St.Michael’s School in London founded?

The school was founded by the St. Michael’s Vestry and officially opened on 7 May 1928. It was originally a girls’ school. In 1979 the first class of boys were admitted to the school In 2007, a two-year renovation programme came to an end.

Who are the prefects at St.Michael school?

The St. Michael School is divided into four competitive houses, named after queens: Boadicea (blue), Victoria (red), Anne (yellow) and Elizabeth (purple). The school has a prefect system, under which students help with disciplinary and school matters, run by a head boy and head girl with their deputies, and five senior prefects.

Who are the Queens of St Michael School?

However, in 2009, the school did not place any of its students into the UWC Movement. The school has a sixth form. The St. Michael School is divided into four competitive houses, named after queens: Boadicea (blue), Victoria (red), Anne (yellow) and Elizabeth (purple).