Who is the transfer agent for AT stock?

Contact the transfer agent, Computershare, at 1-800-351-7221 or you can access information online via Online Account Access. Does AT offer online access to my stock account? You can access your stock account on the Computershare website via Online Account Access.

How do I find out if I have AT stock?

A stock certificate is evidence of your ownership in AT Inc….Change of Address

  1. Calling 1 800 351-7221 and speaking to a customer service representative.
  2. Writing AT Inc. at: AT Inc. c/o Computershare Trust Company, N.A. P.O. Box 505005. Louisville, KY 40233.
  3. Online at www.computershare.com/att.

Is TA good stock to buy?

The financial health and growth prospects of T, demonstrate its potential to outperform the market. It currently has a Growth Score of C. Recent price changes and earnings estimate revisions indicate this would be a good stock for momentum investors with a Momentum Score of A.

Is AT incorporated in Delaware?

At&t Inc. is incorporated in the state of Delaware. At&t Inc is primarely in the business of telephone communications (no radio telephone).

What happens to my AT stock in a merger?

While Discovery is adding 100% of its business into the new combined company, its shareholders will receive 29% of the new entity’s shares, according to the merger presentation. AT shareholders will get 71% of the new entity’s common stock shares, while also retaining their existing AT holdings.

What do AT shareholders get in the spinoff?

A spinoff: Shareholders receive a cash dividend, or get some ratio of WBD shares for each share of AT they hold. If you give up some but not all of your AT shares, you will receive a given, smaller number of WBD shares in return.

Is AT going to cut dividends?

Right in the press release, it justified its dividend cut, which will see the quarterly payment drop by half once the transaction closes in mid-2022. “Attractive dividend – resized to account for the distribution of WarnerMedia to AT shareholders.

How do Att dividends work?

It pays a forward dividend yield of 7.3%, it’s raised its payout annually for 36 straight years, and it spent just 57% of its free cash flow on those dividends over the past 12 months. AT could still pay a 3%to 4% yield after the spin-off, but investors might be better off buying more reliable dividend stocks.

What companies are with AT?

Through its WarnerMedia unit, AT owns CNN, HBO, Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT and the Warner Bros. studio. Discovery, backed by cable mogul John Malone, controls networks such as HGTV, Food Network, TLC and Animal Planet.

How much is AT net worth?

AT net worth: AT is an American telecommunications company that has a net worth is $266 billion.

Does uverse have Discoveryplus?

It is not a separate channel that you can get as a part of your AT U-verse package. You can, however, subscribe to a Discovery package through U-Verse and select the Discovery networks that you wish to watch. Again, Discovery Plus is a separate streaming service, not a channel.