Who is Zoe Margolis?

Girl with a One-Track Mind is a blog by Abby Lee (pen name of Zoe Margolis, born 14 December 1972), in which the author writes in detail about her life as a sexually active young woman in London. It claims over 250,000 readers a month, and won the “Best British or Irish Blog” award at the 2006 and 2007 Bloggies.

What does it mean when someone says you have a one track mind?

A mind limited to only one line of thought or action, as in All you think about is sex—you have a one-track mind. This expression, alluding to a train that runs only on one track or in one direction, was first recorded in 1928.

What is an example of a one track mind?

To be consistently fixated on or preoccupied by a particular topic. Jerry, you have such a one-track mind—not everything has to do with sex. My sister has a one-track mind, only thinking about how something can further her career.

Is it bad to have a one track mind?

A one-track mind is sometimes an overwhelmed mind. Your mind may feel “too full” to take on anything new or different. Make lists, talk things out, write in a journal, or otherwise get the things you’re holding in your mind out so they won’t take up so much mental space anymore.

Do guys have a one track mind?

Men are often accused of having a one-track mind. Now scientists have found there really may be a direct relationship between the male brain and his private parts. They found evidence that males can create plenty of sperm, or lots of brain cells but not both.

What is a single minded?

: having one driving purpose or resolve : determined, dedicated.

Is one-track mind a idiom?

(idiomatic) That said to be possessed by someone who is obsessed with something or only able to think of one thing. He has a one-track mind. All he ever talks about is trains and railroads.

What is the meaning of one-track?

: marked by often narrowly restricted attention to or absorption in just one thing a one-track mind.

What is another way to say one track mind?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for one-track-mind, like: compulsion, fixation, fixed idea, id e fixe, monomania, obsession, passion, preoccupation, prepossession, ruling passion and single-mindedness.

How do you know a guy is in a relationship?

What It Takes to Understand Guys

  1. Avoid Guy Stereotypes. Just as women don’t want or deserve to be stereotyped, neither do men.
  2. Know When He’s Flirting.
  3. Let Him Express Himself.
  4. Allow Him to Feel Like a Man.
  5. Touch Him.
  6. Show Him.
  7. Give Him Space.
  8. Compliment Him.

What does single minded love mean?

The definition of single minded is a focus on one thing at the expense of anything else. An example of single minded is a person who cares about only his own happiness and who will do anything to make himself happy.