Who killed Rainflower?

When a dog attacked a patrol, Crookedjaw led it to the river, not knowing that Rainflower was there. The dog knocked her down, and she hit her head on a rock which killed her.

Who are Reedshine kits?

Reedshine was a RiverClan warrior under Darkstar’s leadership in the forest territories. She became Appledusk’s second mate and was expecting his kits. When she discovered Appledusk’s affair with Mapleshade that resulted in the death of their kits, Reedshine supported her mate’s vow of loyalty to RiverClan.

Who are Rainflowers kits?

Rainflower is a Riverclan Queen/Warrior who is the mother of Crookedstar (formerly known as Stormkit) and Oakheart. Her mate is Shellheart. On a stormy night when the Riverclan camp flooded, she gave birth to her two kits, naming them Stormkit and Oakkit.

Who are Crookedstar’s kits?

Crookedstar takes up leadership after the death of Hailstar. His mate, Willowbreeze, gives birth to Willowkit, Minnowkit, and Silverkit, but she, Willowkit, and Minnowkit die of greencough. Crookedstar remains RiverClan’s leader for many moons, succumbing to greencough and reuniting with his family in StarClan.

Who are Shellhearts parents?


What happened to Mapleshade?

Mapleshade dies of her wounds, and finds herself in the Dark Forest. A voice, who refuses to show themself, welcomes her, and states she is to walk alone in her blood-soaked memories. Mapleshade is not distressed, but triumphant. She was there because she endured, and there would be others like her.

Who was Mapleshades dad?

Mapleshade gave birth to Larchkit, Petalkit and Patchkit, telling the Clan their father was Birchface.

Who is Shellhearts father?

He was born to Willownose and was the grandson of Appledusk. Shellheart and his mate, Rainflower, had two kits, Oakkit and Stormkit.

Is firestar related to Crookedstar?

Rainflower- Graystripe, as we’ve figured, is related to Firestar, and Graystripe’s mate was Silverstream, whose father was Crookedstar, whose mother was Rainflower.

Is Mistystar dead yet?

Mistystar is a blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes. She is born to Bluefur and Oakheart….

Current: RiverClan
Past: ThunderClan , TigerClan (Modern), LionClan (Modern)
Cause of Death
Cause of Death: Mistystar is still alive

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