Who makes good switchblades?

When it comes to automatic knives, there’s two names to know: ProTech and Microtech. Each brand specializes in these kind of cutters and both make the best on the market today.

Are switchblades really illegal?

California. The law in California allows most knives and has only some restrictions on concealed knives. Additionally, daggers and throwing knives are illegal. Switchblades are legal so long as the blade is less than 2 inches long.

What is the largest automatic knife?

If you’re trying to impress a mugger Dundee-style, it would be hard to top the Marfione Custom HALO V 3X — a giant switchblade. With its 13.75-inch tanto (yes, the Samurai sword) blade, this elephantine knife-sword unleashes from its titanium draw bar at the push of a button.

Where are auto knives made?

the USA
Tekto offers a variety of automatic knives, also known as switchblades and out-the-front knives. All automatic knives are made in the USA.

What is the sharpest switchblade?

Top 10 Best Automatic Knives

  • Best Stiletto: Pro-Tech Godfather.
  • Best EDC Auto: Kershaw Launch 1.
  • Best Old School Auto: Buck 110.
  • Best Combat Auto: Gerber 06.
  • Best Rescue Auto: Benchmade Triage.
  • Best Side-Switch OTF: Microtech Combat Troodon.
  • Best Cover-Switch OTF: Benchmade Infidel.
  • Best Lightweight OTF: Hogue Compound.

What switchblade should I buy?

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  • 2.1) ​Benchmade CLA – Best Automatic Knife.
  • 2.2) Kershaw Auto Launch 4 – Cheap Automatic Knife Legal in CA.
  • 2.3) Buck Impact Auto 898.
  • 2.4) Gerber Auto Covert.
  • 2.5) SOG Spec Elite 1 Auto.
  • 2.6) ​Boker Kalashnikov – Best Budget Automatic Knife under $50.

Can I buy an automatic knife online?

Federal law prohibits the shipment of ‘injurious articles’—which includes automatic knives. However, there is no federal restriction on shipment of automatic knives by common/contract carriers, such as FedEx and UPS.

What is a good switchblade brand?

What are American Made Knives?

Cold Steel Knives are American Knives. Cold Steel knives are generally considered to be the best knives made in America today. The company is acknowledged as the leader in the industry because their knives are well-known for their delicate craftsmanship, high-quality materials, functionality, and intricate designs.

What is a spring assisted knife?

An assisted opening knife, sometimes called a spring-assisted knife, is a knife that springs open only after the blade is slightly pushed open with force. Unlike the switchblade, nothing holds down the assisted opening knife when it’s in the closed position.

What are automatic knives?

Automatic Knives. Automatic knives, also known as switchblades, open automatically with the press of a button or pull of a lever. Designed primarily for military, police and EMT duty, the speed of an automatic knife is ideal for emergency situations.

What is a lever lock knife?

A lever lock is a pocket knife with a blade springing out of the handle into an opened position by pressing the folding lever. The standard materials for the switchblade handles are stag horn, buffalo horn, ebony, micarta and palisander.