Who makes ship upgrades in swtor?

At Republic/Imperial Fleet, there are two Starship Upgrades vendors: Republic Fleet – Captain Gek and S-4SO located at Galactic Trade Market area. These vendors also sell Pilot’s Equipment like Boots, Gloves, Helmet, Pants and Tunic for Fleet Commendations and require Social level II or higher.

Can you decorate your ship Swtor?

You can adjust your Guild’s Heraldry (for a fee) and decorate your Guild Flagship and Stronghold the same way you decorate a Personal Stronghold. The ship’s shield can handle 150 points of damage. In the future Player ships will be SWTOR’s Housing system.

Can you paint your ship Swtor?

You can’t alter the cosmetics of your class ship.

Can you get a different ship in swtor?

There are six different spaceships for players to choose from. Each spaceship type is based on the class line players take on. Players can get from the BT-7 Thunderclap, the D-5 Mantis, the Defender, the Fury, the X-70B Phantom, and the XS Freighter.

Where do I get ship parts in swtor?

You can buy them from the Starship Upgrades vendor opposite the GTN for 350 Fleet commendations each. And some of them need to be crafted by a character with 450 cybertech. The reason they were embargoed on the CM is that they didn’t want any confusion that buying those upgrades would help you in GSF.

How do I get to my stronghold Swtor?

If you are in a guild, they may also have a stronghold or flagship you can visit! To go to your stronghold once you have purchased it, click the “Travel” button in the strongholds panel. It will teleport you there.

How do you get a starship in swtor?

When do I get my spaceship? Like most major events in SWTOR, your ship is a part of your story questlines. If you’re Imperial, you receive your ship at the end of the Dromund Kaas storyline. If you’re Republic, then you receive it at the end of the Coruscant storyline.

Where can I find Grade 7 ship parts?

You can buy them from the Starship Upgrades vendor opposite the GTN for 350 Fleet commendations each. And some of them need to be crafted by a character with 450 cybertech.

Can you have a house in swtor?

Strongholds are SWTOR’s version of player housing – you can buy a house, and then decorate it the way you’d like with decorations found all over the game. You can then invite others to see your stronghold, or place it on the public listings so people can find it and tour your house.

Which is the largest ship in the Old Republic?

The BT-7 Thunderclap is the Republic ‘s largest and most elite rapid assault ship—streamlined for fast deployment in combat situations.

Why are there starships in Star Wars The Old Republic?

Spotting one in use is a very rare sight, and a mark of exceptional means. The starships of the Imperial Navy are the product of centuries of military research and development. The Empire designed its fleet to destroy the Republic as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Where do you get ship upgrades in SWTOR?

Ship upgrades can be purchased in your main city from a vendor. Listed are the parts that can be purchased. Click each item for details. These items can be obtained by another vendor on the fleet near the standard Ship Upgrade vendor. These items are purchased using Fleet Commendation .