Who makes ShowTec feed?

So, to be the best, feed the best. MoorMan’s ShowTec products can help you enjoy champion results time and time again. ADM Alliance Nutrition is a market leader in producing quality show products, which can help your show animals reach their maximum genetic potential.

What is the best feed for show pigs?

per day is an excellent choice, as well as High Octane® Fitter® 52 pig feed which is more aggressive at 1 lbs./day for the final 14 days. For help with appetite, adding more calories to the pig’s diet and optimizing fat cover, High Octane® Heavy Weight® pig feed does a very nice job.

What is moorman’s ShowTec?

ShowTec® is a show pig-feeding program that provides championship performance through feed technology.

What is ADM feed?

ADM is a leading producer of feeds and supplements, offering nutritional livestock solutions for all species, including beef, dairy, equine, swine, sheep, goats and poultry. Our brands trace back to the late 1800s with a focus on improving feed to help enrich the world’s food.

Who owns Moorman feed?

Archer Daniels Midland Co. said it has agreed to acquire Moorman Manufacturing Co., a closely held soybean processor and maker of livestock feed in Quincy, Ill., for $296 million in ADM stock.

How do you feed Moorfat?

Feed about 2 – 4 oz/day. I would start at 2 oz and work your way up to 4 oz. Split it into 2 feedings per day.

How do you bulk up a show pig?

Increasing show pig feed intake The trick is finding one that truly works. Purina® High Octane® Heavy Weight™ supplement does a great job of getting the pig to eat more feed. Pigs like the taste and do well on it. You can feed it dry mixed into the regular feed, or add water and “slop” the pig.

What does lysine do for show pigs?

Pigs need enough energy to allow the lysine and amino acids to be used in building muscle tissue. If there is too much energy in the diet and it is not balanced with lysine, pigs will convert the oversupply of energy into fat, which can reduce the market pig price.

What does ADM stand for?


Acronym Definition
ADM Admiral
ADM Admission
ADM Administration/Administrative
ADM Additional Dealer Markup

What brands does ADM own?

ADM is the world’s premier producer of cocoa, cocoa butter and chocolate, including the Ambrosia®, deZaan™ and Merckens® brands. We also supply lecithin and other emulsifiers, food acids, corn sweeteners, starches and maltodextrins.

What does Moorman mean?

Definition of Moorman (Entry 2 of 2) India & Sri Lanka, archaic. : muslim especially : a Muslim of mixed Arab and Indian ancestry.

What is MoorFat used for?

MoorFat is a unique energy supplement for Show Swine, Show Sheep, Show Goats and for pre-farrowing and lactating sows. It can be used to increase ration energy density in pre-farrowing and lactation swine rations. MoorFat can be used to enhance condition and performance of exhibition swine, sheep, and goats.

What makes Moorman’s Showtec feed so good for pigs?

ShowTec® is a show pig-feeding program that provides championship performance through feed technology. A superior line of performance driven feeds contain a technologically advanced balance of protein, vitamins and trace minerals that helps meet the unique need of high lean genetics designed for the modern show pig industry. Read More.

How much moorfat should I give my swine?

Show Swine, Sheep, and Goats: MoorFat may be top-dressed over the daily ration at the rate of 2 to 4 ounces per head per day, not to exceed 10% of daily intake. If top-dressed over the daily ration at a rate greater than 4 ounces per head per day, additional vitamin and mineral supplementation may be required.

What are the feeds at the swine show?

*Not trademarks of ADM. Winners are bred . . . Champions are fed. SM Swine Show Feeds Quick Reference Guide Helping our exhibitors gain the competitive edge through superior feed technology. PRESTARTERS/STARTERS

Which is the signature product of Moorman’s Showtec?

Championship performance through feed technologySM is the signature of MoorMan’s ShowTec. Research-proven and time tested MoorMan’s ShowTec products and programs have propelled thousands of exhibitors into the championship drive.