Who makes the Renault engine?

Renault has a 43.4% stake with several votes in Nissan of Japan, and a 1.55% stake in Daimler AG of Germany (since 2012, Renault manufactures engines for the Daimler’s Mercedes A-Class and B-Class cars)….Renault.

Headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Total equity €25.338 billion (2020)

What engine is in a Renault Clio Williams?

F7R engine
The F7R engine is used in Renault Clio Williams, Megane Coupe and Renault Sport Spider. The engine was created because displacement limit for FIA World Rally Championship Group A was 2000 cc and more power could be extracted from F7P (1764cc) engine with more capacity.

Who designed the Renault 5?

The bodyshell and platform were completely new (the platform was based on that of the larger Renault 9 and 11), and R5 aesthetic remained; styling was by Marcello Gandini.

Does Nissan have Renault engines?

Nissan currently supplies three powertrain components to Renault. Renault supplies four to Nissan. They have jointly developed five engines or transmissions. That is about 100,000 engines and 600,000 transmissions this year, says Kazumasa Katoh, Renault senior vice president for powertrain engineering.

How many Clio Williams are left?

2021 2019

What BHP is a Clio Williams?

145 bhp
STYLE WITH POWER As well as the headline top speed, the Clio Williams delivered 108 kW [145 bhp] of power @ 6100 rpm and 17.8 kgm [129 ft.lb] of torque @ 4500 rpm.

When did the Renault 5 Turbo come out?

When it came out in 1980, the Renault 5 Turbo put out 160 hp and 163 lb-ft, The Drive reports. That made it, Top Gear reports, the most powerful French car ever made up until then.

How manybhp does a Renault Clio Williams have?

Now as then it’s the engine that shines the brightest, producing 148bhp at 6100rpm and 126lb ft at 4500rpm.

When did Renault Start Making the Renault 5?

Renault marketed a four-door sedan variant, the Renault 7, manufactured from 1974 to 1984 in Spain by Renault ‘s subsidiary FASA-Renault and exported in limited markets. The Renault 5 became the best-selling car in France from 1972 to 1986, with a total production exceeding 5.5 m over a 14-year period, making it France’s most popular car.

Who are the Formula One teams that use Renault engines?

Renault has also supplied engines to other teams, including Red Bull Racing (2007–2015) , Benetton Formula (1995–1997, 2001) and Williams (1989–1997, 2012–2013). In addition to its two own F1 World Constructors’ Championships ( 2005, 2006) and two Drivers’ Championships, as an engine supplier,…

Is the Renault Clio the same as the Renault 5?

The Clio’s suspension and floorpan were largely the same as the R5, which was derived from the R9 saloon of 1981 and R11 hatchback of 1983 – not that of the original 1972 Renault 5, despite the later R5 visually resembling the original model.