Who played Daenerys before Emilia Clarke?

Tamzin Merchant
Before Emilia Clarke was Daenerys Targaryen, there was Tamzin Merchant. The then-21-year-old Merchant landed the female lead role in HBO’s original ill-fated Game of Thrones pilot that was filmed in 2009.

Who played Daenerys?

Emilia ClarkeGame of Thrones
Daenerys Targaryen/Voiced by

Emilia Clarke will forever be known as Daenerys Targaryen thanks to her eight-season stint on HBO’s blockbuster series “Game of Thrones,” but she is not the actress who was originally cast as the Mother of Dragons.

Is Emilia Clarke white?

Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke was born on 23 October 1986 in London. Clarke is of Indian ethnic origin on her mother’s side of the family; she stated in a 2018 interview that her maternal grandmother was the child of a secret affair between Clarke’s great-grandmother and a man from the Indian subcontinent.

Is Emilia Clarke Croatian?

The only times I’ve seen Serbo-Croatian movie characters in Western cinema has been in spy thrillers, and they’ve usually been cast as terrorists. But this time, we have a leading lady, Katarina (Emilia Clarke), who comes from a Croatian family that escaped to London from war-torn Yugoslavia.

Is Emilia Clarke dating anyone?

Right now, it looks like Emilia is single and not looking to date anyone. She’s not one to speak too openly about her relationships, but she has dated some well-known people over the years. She’s also said to have dated Australian actor Jai Courtney from 2014 to 2015.

Who was daenerys first choice?

Tamzin Merchant was originally cast as Daenerys Targaryen. Tamzin Merchant played Daenerys Targaryen on the original, infamous pilot episode that was scrapped. After the showrunners went back to the drawing board, many roles were recast — including Emilia Clarke as the Mother of Dragons.

What is Emilia Clarke illness?

Emilia suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, or bleeding in the space that surrounds the brain. But miraculously, she was back to work on season two of Game of Thrones just six weeks later. Two years after that, Emilia was back in the hospital with another aneurysm—and this time, it almost killed her, she said.

Is Emilia Clarke hair real?

The actor naturally has brunette hair, but her character had blonde. Now, Clarke reveals how she coped up with wearing a wig for seven seasons and then coloring her hair altogether in the last one and its consequence.

Is Emma Thompson Croatian?

But this was of secondary importance to me, my mum and my daughter, respectively half-Croatian, Croatian and quarter-Croatian; it was Thompson we were here to see.

Is Emilia Clarke really singing in last Christmas?

The answer to that question is a resounding, yes — Clarke is actually singing in Last Christmas, which is something the actress herself confirmed during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t do my own stunts but I do do my own singing,” Clarke told the outlet.