Who played the new Arthur?

Russell Brand
Cast. Russell Brand as Arthur Bach – a childish man who is to marry Susan in order to get his $950 million inheritance, but ends up falling in love with Naomi.

Who starred as the drunken lout in the 2011 remake of Arthur?

Russell Brand transforms Dudley Moore’s role of drunk in remake of ‘Arthur’ LOS ANGELES — It took three decades for Dudley Moore’s “Arthur” to get remade, but in the space of that time, irredeemable drunk guys went from being comedy gold to something like tin or aluminum.

Is Arthur a good movie?

“Arthur” is a good and entertaining movie. However, if you are the least bit familiar with the romantic comedy genre, then you will not find anything new or remarkably innovating in this movie. But still, “Arthur” entertains at all the right moments.

Who was the original Arthur?

Dudley Moore
Arthur is a 1981 American comedy film written and directed by Steve Gordon. It stars Dudley Moore as Arthur Bach, a drunken New York City billionaire who is on the brink of an arranged marriage to a wealthy heiress, but ends up falling for a common working-class girl from Queens.

Why is DW voiced by a boy?

It helped him get answers to why the character wasn’t voiced by young girls. The show’s casting director Debra Toffan tells Szwimer in one episode of the podcast that the huskier tone of a prepubescent boy’s voice was better suited to D.W.’s gruff personality. “D.W. is a rough-and-tumble little girl.

Is Dudley Moore still alive?

Deceased (1935–2002)
Dudley Moore/Living or Deceased

Who was Dudley Moore married to?

Nicole Rothschildm. 1994–1998
Brogan Lanem. 1988–1991Tuesday Weldm. 1975–1980Suzy Kendallm. 1968–1972
Dudley Moore/Spouse

Moore was married and divorced four times: to actresses Suzy Kendall (15 June 1968 – 15 September 1972), Tuesday Weld (20 September 1975 – 18 July 1980; by whom he had a son Patrick on 26 February 1976), Brogan Lane (21 February 1988 – 1991), and Nicole Rothschild (16 April 1994 – 1998; one son, Nicholas, born on 28 …

Will Guy Ritchie make another King Arthur movie?

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was supposed to set up a six-movie shared universe of sequels and spinoffs – but the plan failed. Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was supposed to set up a six-movie shared universe of sequels and spinoffs, but the plan failed at the first hurdle.

Why was Arthur Cancelled?

The statement did not offer a reason for the show’s cancellation. Ms. Greenwald said that the producer GBH and PBS Kids were “continuing to work together on additional Arthur content, sharing the lessons of Arthur and his friends in new ways.” On the podcast, Ms.

Is Dudley Moore married?

Moore was married four times, and among those wives were actresses Suzy Kendall and Tuesday Weld. Susan Anton shared his life during his peak years, the early 1980s. Weld gave birth to Moore’s son, Patrick, in 1976, and Nicole Rothschild gave birth to another son, Nicholas, in 1995.

Who are the actors of Arthur?

Arthur is a 2011 American romantic comedy film written by Peter Baynham and directed by Jason Winer . It is a remake of the 1981 film of the same name written and directed by Steve Gordon . It stars Russell Brand in the title role, with Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner, Greta Gerwig, and Nick Nolte in supporting roles.

Who plays Arthur on Arthur?

“Arthur” is a strong movie showcasing the compelling acting skills of the late Dudley Moore. Dudley Moore plays a carefree and wealthy bachelor who must choose between going the traditional route for money or choosing the uncertainty of going by passion.

What is the legend of King Arthur movie?

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) is a live-action film which will follow a young Arthur who is learning how to master the sword Caliburn and fight his way back as rightful heir and king of ancient Britain.